Private Pilot Checkride – Tim Osby

Private Pilot Checkride - Tim OsbyJanuary 28, 2010 will be a date not easily forgotten in the aviation history books.  That’s because Captain Tim Osby took to the skies with FAA Designated Pilot Examiner Bob Howell and came back as a Private Pilot!

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AM 550 Stars Bill and Joel Take Discovery Flight

AM 550 Radio Local News/Talk AM550 radio personalities Joel Williams and Bill Maine visited us and took a Discovery Flight to see what flying and a Cessna Pilot Center is all about.

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CFI Checkride – Kelly Chandler

CFI - Kelly ChandlerThe hush that fell over the city of Gainesville as Kelly Chandler took to the skies for his Certified Flight Instructor checkride soon gave way to cheering, whistling and standing ovations!  Read more

Private Pilot – Judy Abercrombie

Private Pilot Checkride - Judy AbercrombieCongratulations to Judy Abercrombie for successfully completing her Cessna Private Pilot course and acing her checkride on January 12, 2010.  Judy accomplished her Private Pilot Rating while serving her regular duties as a member of Gwinnett Law Enforcement.  Read more

Private Pilot Checkride – Cameron Kennedy

Private Pilot Checkride - Cameron KennedyCongratulations to Cameron Kennedy for successful completion of his Private Pilot checkride. Read more

Commercial Pilot Checkride – Michael Stauter

Commercial Pilot Checkride

Lanier Flight Center congratulates Michael Stauter for passing his Commercial Pilot Checkride on January 6th, 2010. Read more

Private Pilot Checkride – Randy Bryan

Private Pilot Checkride - Randy BryanRandy Bryan realized a life-long dream to learn to fly.  Randy finally made it happen when he joined Lanier Flight Center to learn to fly and earn his private pilot license. Read more