Todd Slinker – Private Pilot Certificate (9/24/11)

Todd SlinkerCongratulations from all of us at Lanier Flight Center to Todd Slinker for earning his Private Pilot Certificate!! His instructor Kelly Chandler and all of us at LFC congratulate Todd on his great accomplishment. Great job Todd! Read more

Anita Shuffer – Multi-Engine Instrument (9/18/11)

AnitaAnita blasted off in IMC weather in N727LF with Bill to travel to Western Carolina Regional airport where she spent the morning with Don Jones the DPE, where she aced her Oral test and her practical flight test. Both Don Jones and Bill Shuford were very proud of how well Anita was prepared and how well she flew the Seminole. Well done Anita!!

Matt Perrer – Airline Transport Pilot (9/15/11)

Matt On 9/15/11, Matt successfully earned his ATP Certificate flying N61942. Congratulations and job well done!

Scott Whelchel – First Solo (9/12/11)

Scott On 9/12/11, Scott took off on runway 05 at GVL in Skyhawk N21527 for his first solo flight! His instructor Kelly Chandler watched from the ground as Scott handled the controls and completed 3 successful landings. Great job Scott!

Buzzy Lanham – Private Pilot Certificate (9/10/11)

BuzzyPlease join with me and all the other instructors and staff at LFC who congratulate Buzzy Lanham for receiving his Private Pilot Certificate, from FAA examiner Randy Haralson. He did an outstanding job in some challenging conditions. He also overcame a long delay is his training. You see, just about 12 months ago Buzzy was a week away from taking his check ride. But, that all got put on hold while he suddenly had to attend to a family medical situation. He did not give up; he persisted and he was rewarded this day with his Private Pilot Certificate and a beautiful day of flying.

We had a 0930 appointment with the examiner in Anderson, SC. We departed the Gainesville Airport and climbed into one of the most gorgeous Sun rises that either of us had seen all year. A crystal clear blue sky and puffy white clouds floated by as we climbed to 5500 feet . After flying for months in Summer’s brown haze we were treated to a spectacular flight in the warm and clear morning Sun. Buzzy flew the airplane like a real pro and applied all the skills he had leaned while training here a LFC. Buzzy started his day with a text book approach to Anderson and added a sweet smooth touch-down on RW23. Buzzy’s examiner later commented that his oral quiz was really exceptional.

Outstanding job and thanks for being my student; It has been a real pleasure.

Chuck Padgett CFII

Joe Smith – Private Pilot Certificate (9/9/11)

Joe SmithCongratulations from all of us at Lanier Flight Center to Joe Smith for earning his Private Pilot Certificate!! His instructor Kelly Chandler and all of us at LFC congratulate Joe on his great accomplishment. Joe is pictured with FAA Designated Examiner Randy Haralson. Great job Joe! Read more

Wes Dale – First Solo (9/8/11)

Wes DaleAn exciting day for Wes Dale as he completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Wes took off on runway 29 at GVL in Skycatcher N70252 as his instructor Kelly Chandler watched from the ground. Wes greased 3 landings and did a great job. Congratulations Wes!!!

Tim Kelly – Private Pilot Certificate (9/7/11)

Tim KellyCongratulations from all of us at Lanier Flight Center to Tim Kelly for earning his Private Pilot Certificate!! His instructor Curtis Griswold could not be more proud of Tim’s accomplishment. Great job Tim! Read more

GBAA Wings Up / Wheels Down POKER RUN! – Sat 9/17

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 17, and join your friends at Lanier Flight Center and the Georgia Business Aviation Association for the 2011 GBAA WINGS UP / WHEELS DOWN POKER RUN!

This annual event generates funds for the GBAA Scholarship Foundation and raises awareness of General Aviation in Georgia.

Lanier Flight Center in Gainesville is a sponsor and participating poker card pick-up location for the event. Please check out the website at and download the attachment to register. Call 678-989-2395 to reserve your plane for the day.

Thank you for making for a FUN event! We hope we see you there!

Cessna Skycatcher Flying at PDK (Sept 2011)

Now you can experience the fun and excitement of flying the 2011 Cessna Skycatcher at Lanier Flight Center at PDK! Lanier Flight Center offers the latest and greatest light sport aircraft at both locations.

Available for sport and private pilot training, the Skycatcher offers an economical and enjoyable way to log your hours. Be sure to check it out and see why the newest addition to the Cessna line-up has generated so much interest from general aviation pilots and owners. Schedule your flight in the Skycatcher today!

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