Stacy Law – Private Pilot Certificate (11/08/14)


From the first day that Stacy entered Lanier Flight Center, everyone knew he would become a pilot.  Stacy’s passion for flying and his drive to learn carried him to his check ride with FAA DPE Randy Haralson on November 8!  Stacy’s instructor, Chuck Padgett, couldn’t be prouder!  Derek Metro and Kelly Chandler also enjoyed prepping with Stacy for the big day!  Join all of us at LFC in cheering, “YOU DID IT, STACY!”

Juan Giraldo-Valdes – First Solo (11/07/14)


With a calm demeanor and determined approach, Juan Giraldo-Valdes made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT on Friday, November 7!  Juan’s instructor, Jon Owens, watched from the ground as Juan flew Cessna Skyhawk N2132W and made three successful landings!  WAY TO GO, JUAN!

Justin Marsh – First Solo (11/07/14)


It was a beautiful Friday and Justin Marsh decided to leave his instructor, Jon Owens, on the ground and take-off on runway 23 for his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!  Justin’s determination and consistency have paid-off, and he will be on his check ride soon!  Join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in saying, “GREAT JOB, JUSTIN!”

James Weatherford – Certified Flight Instructor (11/02/14)


The world of aviation is getting a fantastic new instructor!  It’s time to celebrate with James Weatherford for achieving his CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR rating!  James’ dedication and passion for aviation have combined with his work ethic and positive attitude to take him through each level along the way!  James’ instructor, Derek Metro, and all of the LFC CFI’s who have flown with James applaud his success, and everyone here at Lanier Flight Center is cheering, “WAY TO GO, JAMES!”