David Hanna – First Solo (07/27/15)


It was a beautiful summer evening, and David Hanna was able to enjoy the beginning of the sunset colors on his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!  David’s instructor, James Weatherford, watched from the ground at KGVL as David ascended in Cessna Skyhawk N291HW!  Join us in celebrating David’s entry into the world of solo flight!  He will be a Private Pilot soon!  GREAT JOB, DAVID!


Ebrahim Yavari – Instrument Rating (07/25/15)


Join us in a standing ovation for Ebrahim Yavari who earned his INSTRUMENT RATING with FAA DPE Ben Carr! Ebrahim’s study habits and preparedness paid-off! Ebrahim’s instructor, Jeff “Keanu” Reimer said Ebrahim was calm, cool, and collected as he sailed Cessna Skyhawk N2458M into KFGU and into aviation history! WAY TO GO, EBRAHIM!




Vipan “Vip” Nath – First Solo (07/16/15)


Vip says it’s been many years since he first soloed, but his instructor, Jon Owens can’t help but be impressed with Vip’s courage and determination to soar to new horizons!  Join all of us in celebrating Vip’s FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skycatcher N70252 on Thursday, July 16!  Vip is truly a V.I.P. at LFC!  GREAT JOB, VIP!

Nowa Ajayi – Instrument Rating (07/16/15)


It’s time to celebrate!   Nowa Ajayi skillfully earned his INSTRUMENT RATING on Thursday, July 16 with a thumbs-up from FAA DPE Clyde Shelton!  Nowa flew Cessna Skyhawk N1006V to KMDQ and returned to LFC at KPDK with an advanced rating!  Nowa’s instructor, Jeff Reimer, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center exclaim, “YOU DID IT, NOWA!”

Jim Cork – First Solo (07/14/15)


Join us in congratulating Jim Cork on his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skycatcher N70252 at KGVL on Tuesday, July 14!  Jim’s instructor, Michael Morris, knows Jim has what it takes to earn his Sport Pilot rating very soon, and couldn’t be more proud!  Join all of us at LFC in saying, “WAY TO GO, JIM!”