Mark Hughes – Commercial Pilot Certificate (09/21/15)


Mark Hughes is proof that good guys win when it comes to hard work and perseverance!  We truly enjoyed the journey with Mark (seen here with FAA DPE Randy Haralson)!  Join Mark’s instructor, Chuck Padgett, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center in congratulating him on the achievement of his COMMERCIAL PILOT CERTIFICATE!  Mark flew into KCEU and returned to KGVL as a professional pilot!  YOU DID IT, MARK!

Carl Norwich – Instrument Rating (09/21/15)


If attitude determined altitude, Carl Norwich would be orbiting with the Space Station, but we are happy that he is flying the General Aviation airspace so that we can celebrate his latest accomplishment of INSTRUMENT RATING!  Carl flew Cessna Skyhawk N21527 to KFGU and demonstrated the skill and aptitude to receive the ‘thumbs-up’ from FAA DPE Ben Carr!  Carl’s instructor, Jeff Reimer, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center cheer, “WAY TO GO, CARL!”

Mark York – Instrument Rating (09/19/15)


Mark has been a lover and supporter of aviation all of his life, flying both rotorcraft and fixed wing, and now he can enjoy punching holes in the clouds with his INSTRUMENT RATING!  He flew Cessna Skyhawk N291HW to KGRD and received the ‘ticket to fly’ into IMC from FAA DPE Randy Haralson!  Join LFC instructors, Michael Morris, Jeff Reimer, and Chuck Padgett in giving Mark a big round of applause!  GREAT JOB, MARK!

Anthony Bowers – First Solo (09/18/15)


It was a fun Friday for Anthony Bowers and his instructor, Joe Courtney, who made the short trip up to KGVL from KPDK for Anthony’s FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!  Joe proudly watched from the ground as Anthony made three beautiful landings in Cessna Skyhawk N6392M!  Join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in exclaiming, “CONGRATULATIONS, ANTHONY!”

Jim Cork – Sport Pilot Certificate (09/14/15)


It’s time to celebrate with Jim Cork who returned from KGRD on Monday, September 14 as a SPORT PILOT!  Jim flew Cessna Skycatcher N70252 and received a big ‘thumbs-up’ from FAA DPE Randy Haralson!  Jim’s instructor, Michael Morris, said Jim’s commitment and study habits paid-off as he demonstrated great skill for his check ride!  Join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in exclaiming, “GREAT JOB, JIM!”

It’s Time for Ground School!


If you are Peyton Manning, you know the importance of studying the films.  If you are Linus Van Pelt, you know the value of perseverance.  But even if you don’t throw a football like a pro or believe in the Great Pumpkin, you know they are both signs of fall and that only means one thing…

It’s time for Ground School!

Lanier Flight Center’s Ground School Coordinator, Derek Metro, is offering a dynamic interactive online Ground School Private Pilot course!  Prepare to re-focus, re-energize, and take-off this fall!

Beginning Thursday, September 24 through Thursday, December 17, we will offer weekly Private Pilot Ground School classes from 7:00-9:00pm EST.  This online course will feature a customized format with recorded sessions for convenient review or make-up classes.  The entire course is only $349!

To enroll, simply drop by or call us at 678.989.2395 (KGVL) or 770.457.1270 (KPDK) and you will be on your way to Ground School!

Pilots, student pilots, and friends and family of aviators in training…
Consider giving Ground School to yourself or to your favorite aviator!  Just call and let our LFC customer service representatives make it easy for you to support the pilot in your life.

A few notes about our course offerings…
Private Pilot Course:  Student Pilots, join us for the aviation knowledge you need to pass your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Written and Oral Exams.  Seasoned Pilots, active or inactive, log on for a refresher on the latest aeronautical knowledge and information.  Wherever you are on your aviation journey, our Private Pilot Ground School course is for you!

Lastly, go here for a message from Derek…

Learn to Fly!


Blow the ceiling off your future

Get ready to soar with the best flight-training program in the industry. More pilots come to Cessna Pilot Centers (CPC) to get their wings than any other flight school in the country. CPC will prepare you for your pilot’s license in every way, from learning all about the laws of physics that keep you aloft, to taking your first flight, to taking your pilot’s exam all the way to regular solo flying as a licensed pilot.

Learn from the best

Generations of pilots have learned to fly at a Cessna Pilot Centers because we offer the best in flight training. The single-most important reason this is true is because we share your passion. Our fleet of instructional single-engine aircraft was specifically designed to take you from student to pilot, from ground to sky. The Cessna aircraft you learn to fly in will feature an all-glass, advanced cockpit with a Garmin G1000 flight deck. This technology simplifies your job as a pilot and makes learning much more intuitive.

The Cessna Flight Training System produces well-trained pilots via our Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course. Our scenario-based interactive instruction programs available through Cessna Pilot Centers work cooperatively with your actual flight experience, allowing you to prepare for your next training flight before you even take off.

An additional advantage to our flight training is that CPC students earn their wings about 30 percent faster than the national average. We’ll get you where you want to go faster and safer than any other flight instruction programs out there.

Ready to start flying?