Kyle Brennan – First Solo (11/22/16)


It was a beautiful day at PDK and Kyle Brennan decided it was the perfect time to take his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Kyle’s instructor, David Kerr, proudly watched Kyle launch into the next level of his aviation journey, and said Kyle will be going for his check ride soon! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in a big, “GREAT JOB, KYLE!”

Blake Hembree – First Solo (11/15/16)


Blake Hembree is feeling the cool November air more than most since his instructor, Nate Tennant, relieved him of not only his shirttail, but his entire shirt back! But Blake is all smiles and says it was worth it since he made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Blake has the Solo Shirt and the great memories to carry with him as he continues toward his check ride, which will be soon! Please join all of us in a big, “YOU DID IT, BLAKE!”


Ranse Partin – First Solo (11/06/16)


It’s time to celebrate with Ranse Partin who made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skyhawk N393ES! Ranse got the thumbs-up from his instructor, Jeff Reimer, and took-off at PDK to enter the realm of solo flying! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in cheering, “WAY TO GO, RANSE!”