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Rusty Gore – Instrument Rating (11/20/17)

We’re enjoying beautiful clear fall weather, but Rusty Gore is ready for IFR conditions with his new INSTRUMENT RATING! Rusty knows how Georgia weather can change during even a quick hop between destinations, and he demonstrated great study habits and skills while working with his instructor, Juan Leon. Rusty departed PDK in Cessna Skyhawk N2458M […]

David Van Sant – First Solo (11/01/17)

What’s more thrilling than winning a big case? You might ask successful Atlanta area attorney, David Van Sant who just made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! David won his Solo Wings in Cessna Skyhawk N61942 and the verdict is in; David has the right stuff to enjoy many adventures in his own airplane very soon! His […]

Fly Like it’s 1928 in the EAA Ford Tri-Motor!

1928:  In aviation news, it was the year Amelia Earhart flew her plane east across the Atlantic Ocean successfully, the first female having done so.  In “less real” aviation, Mickey and Minnie debuted in the silent cartoon short Plane Crazy.  It was also the year sliced bread first appeared, leading many Americans to say it […]

Darrin Johnston – First Solo (10/20/17)

  Many have heard Cessna’s call to flight from some years back that went, “Pilot or passenger? You decide.” Well, if you asked two million-miler-plus traveling corporate leader, Darrin Johnston, which he’d choose, you wouldn’t need to look further than his organized retyped study materials, determined gaze — oh — and the gigantic grin he’s been […]

Christian Schlickmann – First Solo (10/15/17)

Just before the clouds moved-in at PDK, Christian Schlickmann successfully completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skyhawk N393ES! After a work week of travel, Christian prefers to fly for himself on the weekends! And his instructor, Rex Smith, says he’ll be taking to the skies as a private pilot in no time at all! […]

Josh Friedberg – First Solo (10/13/17)

It’s time to celebrate with Josh Friedberg who made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skyhawk N393ES! This focused young man demonstrated goal-setting and follow-through, skills that will take him far in any arena! Josh’s hard work is giving him the opportunity to take his check ride soon, and his instructor, Ann-Perry Blank, couldn’t be […]

Connor Pearce – First Solo (10/06/17)

Connor Pearce is all smiles since leaving his instructor, David Ingalsbe, on the ground and completing his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! At an age when most guys are hoping for their first road trip, Connor is planning his first solo cross-country flight! Connor demonstrates the maturity and focus needed to make a great pilot, and all […]

Justin Clark – Private Pilot Certificate (10/05/17)

One of the best things about being in the aviation community is seeing dreams realized! Justin Clark recently returned to chase his dream and we couldn’t be happier for him! Justin flew Cessna Skyhawk N2132W into Franklin County Airport and returned to Lanier Flight Center a PRIVATE PILOT! Please join Justin’s instructor, Rick Cornelison, and […]

Steve Wells – First Solo (09/30/17)

The fall foliage will be putting on a show soon, and Steve Wells made sure he’d be ready for the best view from above by making his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Steve’s consistency and good study habits have developed sharp skills that will have him ready for his check ride in no time! His instructor, Ann […]

Travis Blick – First Solo (09/21/17)

It was a beautiful day at GVL as Travis Blick left his instructor, David Ingalsbe, on the ground and took-off on his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Travis earned his solo wings greasing three smooth landings in Cessna Skyhawk N2132W! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in a big, “YOU DID IT, TRAVIS!”