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Josh Brandes – Private Pilot Certificate (05/13/16)

It’s time to celebrate with Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT, Josh Brandes! Josh took-off in Cessna Skyhawk N623KW and received a big ‘thumbs-up’ from FAA DPE Randy Haralson! Josh’s experience with LFC CFI James Weatherford paid-off as he demonstrated great skill for his check ride, and James said working with Josh was a lot […]

Ron Gunter – First Solo (05/11/16)

It was a beautiful spring day at PDK as Ron Gunter took-off for his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Ron’s instructor, Jeff Reimer, proudly watched from the ground as he ascended in Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ! Join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in celebrating Ron’s entry into the world of solo flight! He will be a […]

Matt Kirschner – First Solo (03/30/16)

Matt Kirschner may have been a little chilly after CFI James Weatherford performed the ritual removal of his shirttail (and back), but he didn’t notice! Matt’s only thought was that he had successfully made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! All of us at Lanier Flight Center are celebrating the accomplishment of this bright and talented young […]

Calling All Sky Pirates!

 Have you ever flown over a smooth body of  water and wondered what it was like to land  on it?  Or, have you seen beautiful lakes  and rivers in remote destinations and  wondered what it would be like to fly-in and  camp there?  Maybe a new rating is on  your bucket list this year?  For all the ways […]

Lynn Gooch – Single-Engine Sea Rating (03/23/16)

Hoist the Sky Pirate flag and let the celebrations begin!  Lynn Gooch splashed-into LFC history as our FIRST Sky Pirate graduate on Wednesday, March 23 when he earned his Single-Engine Sea Rating in N127CC!  Commander Steve had a great time with Lynn, and is very proud of his accomplishment!  Join all of us at Lanier […]

Jared Sarkisian – Private Pilot Certificate (03/18/16)

Jared Sarkisian’s goal-oriented approach to becoming a pilot earned his rating very close to the FAA minimum hours! Join all of us in congratulating Jared on being Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT! Jared’s instructor, Joe Courtney, couldn’t be prouder, and all of us at LFC cheer, “YOU DID IT, JARED!”

Jeff Mitchell – Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (03/08/16)

This birthday is one that Jeff Mitchell will never forget!  From being swarmed by his kids with hugs and Happy Birthday wishes to adding an advanced rating to his repertoire, it’s one for the books!  Jeff flew his Piper Seneca twin and demonstrated the knowledge and skills to receive a big birthday thumbs-up for his […]

Wes Jordan – Private Pilot Certificate (02/27/16)

It’s time to celebrate with Wes Jordan who soared into his dream of becoming a PRIVATE PILOT!  Wes flew Cessna Skyhawk N393ES and received the ‘green light’ from FAA DPE Ben Carr on Saturday February 27!  Wes’ determination, study skills, and work with his instructor, David Kerr, succeeded, and everyone at Lanier Flight Center celebrates […]

EAA Chairman Pelton Speaks at Candler Field Museum TOMORROW

It’s a beautiful weekend for all things aviation, and, if you are not already planning to attend, we’d love to see you at the EAA Town Hall Meeting tomorrow, February 27.  Join your friends from EAA 611 and Lanier Flight Center, as well as EAA and VAA members from area airports for a message from EAA Chairman […]