Entries by Troy Wheeler

Ron Gunter – Private Pilot Certificate (05/19/17)

Please join us in celebrating Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT, Ron Gunter! A short time after his first solo flight, Ron crossed the finish line at his check-ride with FAA DPE Dan Emin! Ron’s instructor, Jeff Reimer, said Ron’s focus and good study habits paid-off! All of us at LFC cheered, “OUTSTANDING JOB, RON!”

Matt Cooper – First Solo (05/17/17)

Matt Cooper has called LFC-PDK home base, but visited us at GVL in Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ to drop his instructor and make his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Matt is training hard and it’s no wonder with an instructor called Rambo! We are all proud of Matt and know he will be ready for entry into the […]

Travis Rogers – Instrument Rating (05/15/17)

Every check ride success is a triumph worth celebrating, and when you’ve fought to manage flight training around the demands of running businesses and prioritizing family time, achieving advanced ratings is extra special. We’ve taken each step with our great friend, Travis Rogers, and couldn’t be happier to see him receive his INSTRUMENT RATING! Travis […]

Scott Smith – First Solo (05/12/17)

It was a beautiful spring day and Scott Smith let the Silver Fox out of Cessna Skyhawk N291HW and made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Scott always sports a friendly smile, but it’s a few megawatts brighter since greasing three beautiful landings and entering the arena of solo pilots! Please join Scott’s instructor, Chuck Padgett, and […]

Spring Happenings at LFC

With the April showers almost past for 2017, it’s a good time to introduce a new season of flying fun for our Lanier Flight Center friends and family… We’re busy expanding our operations to make it easier than ever for you to reach your aviation goals!  By adding several skilled Certified Flight Instructors and friendly Operations […]

Will Baker – First Solo (04/15/17)

A young pilot in school making time for flight training on the weekends is a young person going places, and Will Baker is no exception to the rule! Will’s consistency and great study habits added-up to hearing his instructor, Rick Cornelison say, “You’re ready for your FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!” Please join all of us at […]

Sam Bagwell – Instrument Rating (04/15/17)

It was a gorgeous spring day, but our friend Sam Bagwell couldn’t appreciate the cottontail clouds from underneath his hood! He was preoccupied with acing his INSTRUMENT RATING check ride! Sam’s great study habits and determination earned him a big thumbs-up from FAA DPE Randy Haralson! And Sam’s instructor, Rick Cornelison, led all of us […]

Robert Burdett, Jr. – Sport Pilot Certificate (3/24/17)

For Robert Burdett, Jr., the Bucket List is being rewritten! Learn to fly… check! And now that list will have plenty of room for adventures in altitudes using his new SPORT PILOT CERTIFICATE! Robert’s instructor, Rick Cornelison, remarked on his enthusiasm and dedication, and said he knew Robert would reach his goal from early in […]