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Set Up Discovery FlightFlight School Lease-Back Advantages of New Aircraft Ownership

Looking for an affordable way to own a brand new Cessna Skyhawk, Skylane or Stationair?  Consider owner lease-back opportunities with a Cessna Pilot Center.  A lease-back program presents a financial strategy that allows you to enjoy the business and/or personal use of a new aircraft, equipped with the latest digital technology, while significantly defraying the costs of ownership and possibly gaining access to significant tax advantages.

Cessna’s are the most popular flight training aircraft in the world.  A Cessna Pilot Center becomes your management firm (not unlike your Florida condo manager) taking care of providing rental revenue and maintaining your aircraft to regulations and the highest standards.  And, we can help guide you with initial financing and insurance coverage matters.

Some thoughts on when a lease-back makes sense are when you want a new Cessna but you can’t afford to own it or won’t fly it enough to justify ownership.  You or family members may want to reduce dollars paid for aircraft rental and/or to continue flight training and attaining new ratings.  Your financial situation is such that you can take advantage of the tax effect of a lease-back business to offset income in other areas.  Or, you simply want to be in the aviation business.  There are many more reasons to consider and we would be delighted to review the opportunities with you.

Setup Demo FlightLanier Flight Center is your Cessna Sales Team Authorized Sales Representative for Alabama and Georgia, located at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport in Gainesville, GA.  We are very confident of fulfilling your interests and demonstrator aircraft are readily available for your inspection.

Please contact Mark Sulimirski, Troy Wheeler or any member of the Lanier Flight Center staff at 678-989-2395 for more information about aircraft ownership and to determine whether a flight school lease-back program is right for you.

To learn more about aircraft financing options, visit Cessna Financing or Zook and Associates Aircraft Finance.

Because Owning a New Cessna Aircraft is Easier Than You Think!

Lanier Flight Center is a Cessna Sales Team Authorized Representative and a Cessna Pilot Center offering professional, certified flight instruction in obtaining Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine, and Flight Instructor ratings.  Instruction includes Complex and High Performance endorsements, Flight Reviews and Garmin G1000 training.  In addition, we are a FITS Cessna Factory Authorized training provider for new Cessna aircraft.

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