The Cessna Caravan has unparalleled performance and nothing matches the versatility, fuel-efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Caravan 675. That’s why Cessna Caravan is the smart choice of operators around the world who are looking for a true workhorse aircraft. For them, the Caravan 675 sets the standard for flexibility and performance for the entire Caravan line. Specially designed for the abuse of unimproved runways, the 675 can go where other aircraft only dream of going. That’s why Caravan is the preferred aircraft for transporting people and cargo around the world. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or give us a call at (678) 989-2395.

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Cessna Caravan Performance
Performance………………………  Caravan 675
Single Pilot Certified…………….     Yes
Maximum Cruise Speed ………..    186 ktas (344 km/h)
Certified Ceiling ………………..  25,000 ft (7,620 m)

Cessna Caravan Airport Performance
Takeoff Distance………………..     2,055 ft (626 m)
Landing Distance………………..     1,625 ft (495 m)
Rate of Climb at Sea Level…………     1,234 fpm (376 mpm)
Range………………………….     946 nm (1,752 km)

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Cessna Caravan Exterior
Whether your mission is freight or airlines, personal/corporate or amphibian, the Caravan is fully equipped to meet all of your needs. It starts with a timeless high-wing design that offers so many practical benefits, including greater stability, superb visibility, sun blocking and inclement weather protection. The high-wing design also results in a simplified preflight inspection and easy access to pilot, passenger and cargo doors. And like our traditional high-wing single engine aircraft, the Caravan is constructed with durable aluminum, making it easy to maintain and repair, with no life limits on airframe.

Additionally, our proven, reliable wet-wing tanks between front and rear spar hold 2,224 pounds (1,009 kg) of fuel, increasing range. But our proven combination of function and design doesn’t stop there. The Caravan 675 is equipped with a McCauley 106-inch diameter, metal, three-blade, constant speed, full-feathering, reversible pitch propeller. The propeller has an overspeed protection system that is controlled by a governor, reduction gearbox and is backed-up by an overspeed governor as a redundant safeguard.

Cessna Caravan Interior
Whether you’re flying for family, sport or raw utility, it should go without saying that the Cessna Caravan is one aptly named vehicle. With up to 340 cubic feet (9.6 m3) of cabin space for up to 12 passengers*, you can carry a mountain of cargo or a healthy combination of both. Your excursions far and wide will always be well-provisioned.

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Cessna Caravan Avionics
Same great Caravan. All-new command center. This Garmin G1000 glass cockpit integrates all primary flight, engine and sensor data to provide intuitive, at-a-glance situational awareness. The system includes fully integrated transponder and dual Nav/Comm/GPS. Two LCD primary flight displays and a center Multifunction Display present real-time flight-critical data. Including traffic. Topographic and relative terrain. Digital attitude and heading. Engine and Airframe Indication and Crew Alerting. Standard equipment also includes the impressive capabilities of Garmin’s new digital, fully-integrated GFC 700 automated flight control system. All of which bring new levels of safety and confidence to your go-anywhere, do-everything Caravan. Plus, the G1000 is also standard on our legacy single-engine aircraft, the Corvalis models and the Citation Mustang. So should your mission change, your transition between aircraft couldn’t be smoother.

Cessna Caravan Engine
With over 300 million total flight hours to its credit, the Cessna Caravan’s Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine has a scheduled overhaul interval of 3,600 hours and a hot section inspection at 1,800 hours. The cowling can be completely removed in less than 15 minutes, exposing the engine and accessories for exceptional ease of maintenance. So you can keep your aircraft out of the shop and in the sky, where it belongs.

Cessna Caravan Safety
The Cessna Caravan has over 12,500,000 flight hours and counting. There’s a saying in the aviation world: “No one gets fired for buying a Cessna.” Cessna Aircraft Company has been around for more than 80 years, and we’d like to think we’ve picked up a thing or two about safety along the way. Not unlike most of our aircraft, today’s Caravan has evolved through years of meticulous quality testing and pilot feedback. Flying today’s Caravan translates to a variety of benefits for our customers: more favorable insurance premiums and lower costs of ownership, just to name a couple. But most importantly, our determined efforts to improve safety result in peace of mind and confidence when you take to the skies.

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Schedule To Demo The Cessna Caravan Today!

How You Can Use The Cessna Caravan:

  • Personal and Corporate Missions.
    Whether you’re rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business or rolling up your pant cuffs for a walk on the beach, the Caravan is the personal or corporate-use aircraft you’ve been looking for.
  • Your Oasis awaits.
    Supple leather seating. Exquisite wood trim and cabinetry. Flat-panel video displays. And elegant design options throughout. With the newly redesigned Caravan Oasis Interior, your new luxury office suite is located in a 25,000-foot (7,620 m) high-rise.
  • Add floats and your new airport code becomes H2O.
    No matter your maritime destination, the Caravan Amphibian can take you there. Whether it’s fishing in a frosty mountain river or scuba diving in the Caribbean. Whatever floats your boat.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or give us a call at (678) 989-2395.

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