AST-HawkThis is one of the best flight training devices in Georgia! Our AST Hawk FAA approved flight simulator is invaluable as a ground trainer for pilots pursuing instrument or commercial ratings.

Pilots may use the simulator to log 20 hours of training in simulated instrument conditions toward their instrument ratings and 50 hours toward their commercial certificates! This represents a considerable cost savings toward these ratings/certificates.

In the flight simulator, you can:

  • fly engine out procedures that are too dangerous to do in the airplane: V1 cuts, Single engine missed approaches, etc
  • pause the flight anywhere, anytime to discuss the flight with your instructor
  • fly procedures not local to the area
  • master multi-engine procedures without costly rental fees for multi-engine aircraft
  • gain familiarity with procedures you’re planning to fly on upcoming cross country flights

The flight simulator is a fantastic learning environment!!

  • Convertible from single-engine to multi-engine in less than 2 minutes.
  • Color visual system with six 19-inch monitors.
  • Linear force control loading system.
  • Full size piston twin cockpit.
  • Full IFR piston twin instrument panel both pilot and co-pilot sides
  • Full color day/night/twilight visual system
  • Electrical system controlled by circuit breakers
  • Landing gear controlled by functional circuit breakers.
  • Point and click instructor station with printer, desk
  • Full IFR instrumentation including King KLN-94 color GPS.