Atlanta Ground School

Atlanta Ground SchoolLanier Flight Center is a Cessna Pilot Center and your one stop Atlanta ground school when it comes to FAA written test prep and test taking. LFC offers FAA written and oral exam preparation in standard 11 week courses for the private pilot certificate and instrument rating.

The ground school courses are taught by Lanier Flight Center’s finest instructors, so you’ll find yourself more than very well prepared for your written and oral exams. The courses are taught in a structured classroom environment at Lanier Flight Center at Gainesville airport or PDK Flight Academy at Dekalb Peachtree airport one night per week for 11 weeks. And since Lanier Flight Center is a LaserGrade Center, you can take your FAA written test right here at Lanier Flight Center while your ground school training is still fresh in your mind.

Contact Lanier Flight Center at 678-989-2395 or fill out the form below to find out more about both Gainesville and PDK ground school schedules or to enroll in a course.

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LaserGrade FAA Written Exam

LaserGrade is one of only two computer-based testing companies authorized by the federal government to administer all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airman Knowledge Tests for commercial airline pilots and mechanics.

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