John Reid – Instrument Rating (07/21/16)


Not only can John Reid land like a pro at the second busiest airport in the state, now he can depart from KPDK in IFR conditions! Let’s all give a big round of applause for John Reid, who took-off in Cessna Skyhawk N2458M and returned with his INSTRUMENT RATING after the green light from FAA DPE Ben Carr! John’s instructor, Jeff Reimer, says, “WAY TO GO, JOHN!”

Jim Brzusek – Sport Pilot Certificate (07/15/16)

It’s been so much fun for all of us at Lanier Flight Center getting to know Jim Brzusek and being a part of his aviation journey! And Jim’s instructor, Rick Cornelison, couldn’t have been happier with Jim’s tremendous commitment to accomplish his goal! Jim’s terrific attitude and dedication paid-off as he earned his SPORT PILOT CERTIFICATE with FAA DPE Randy Haralson in Cessna Skycatcher N70252! GREAT JOB, JIM!

Jon Owens – Airline Transport Pilot Certificate (07/11/16)


Our own Jon Owens is proof that you can do anything and everything you determine to do! He has excelled in areas of tradesmanship, U.S. Marines, and FAA maintenance technician, and now has successfully achieved the highest pilot rating by becoming Lanier Flight Center’s newest AIRLINE TRANSPORT PILOT! (And between his ATP and little Owens #2 making an appearance soon, there’s a whole lot of of celebrating around here!) Please join all of us in exclaiming, “OUTSTANDING JOB, JON!”

Ken Norton – First Solo (07/10/16)


Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in a big round of applause for Ken Norton on his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Ken’s instructor, James Weatherford, confidently watched Ken take-off in Cessna Skyhawk N9362M and make three great landings! Ken has been going after his Private Pilot’s license with a dedication and an energy that is going to see him reach his goal very soon! WAY TO GO, KEN!

Chris Doty – Private Pilot Certificate (07/08/16)


It’s time to celebrate with Chris Doty on the achievement of his PRIVATE PILOT CERTIFICATE! Chris’ instructor, Rick Cornelison, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center have truly enjoyed getting to know Chris during his aviation journey! Chris continued his festivities this weekend at the Cracker Fly-In where he logged his first event as a certificated pilot! May you enjoy many more adventures- YOU DID IT, CHRIS!

Bryan Potzner – First Solo (07/07/16)


Bryan Potzner is all smiles after becoming Lanier Flight Center’s newest solo pilot! Bryan made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skyhawk N623KW, and after greasing three beautiful landings, endured the solo shirt ritual at the skilled hands of proud instructor, James Weatherford! Please join all of us at LFC in exclaiming, “GREAT JOB, BRYAN!”

Rick Caruthers – First Solo (07/03/16)


The Independence Day celebrations started early for Rick Caruthers who made his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT independent of proud instructor, Jeff Reimer! Rick ascended in Cessna Skyhawk N291HW at KFTY and lit-up the sky on his entry into solo piloting! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in exclaiming, “WAY TO GO, RICK!”


Tyler Rhodes – Instrument Rating (06/29/16)


It was a beautiful summer day when Tyler Rhodes earned another rating, but he doesn’t need sunny skies to fly now with his INSTRUMENT RATING! Tyler flew Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ to KFGU where he demonstrated great knowledge and skill, and received two thumbs-up from FAA DPE Ben Carr! Join Tyler’s instructor, Jeff Reimer, and all of us at LFC in cheering, “YOU DID IT, TYLER!”


Karen Atkins – Instrument Rating (06/26/16)


All of us at Lanier Flight Center gave Karen Atkins a very hearty congratulations for scoring her INSTRUMENT RATING! Karen’s instructor, Juan Leon, was not surprised when FAA DPE Ben Carr said that Karen’s check ride was textbook and showed how it should be done! Let’s hear it for one sharp lady! OUTSTANDING JOB, KAREN!


It’s Time for the Cracker Fly-In!

Cracker Fly-In flyer

We are excited to participate in the 47th Annual CRACKER FLY-IN at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport on Saturday, July 9th!

Our friends with EAA Chapter 611 are bringing something for everyone!  Come for the Pancake Breakfast at 7:30am and stay for a Warbird, DC-3, WACO biplane, or a Huey or Cobra helicopter ride.  Explore 150 aircraft from all over the Southeast including historic, homebuilt, helicopters, and more. Bring the family for the children’s activities, and enjoy a delicious Hickory Pig Barbeque lunch.

Be sure to visit us at the Lanier Flight Center display to experience a wide array of aviation activities, and register to win an Introductory Flight in a new Cessna Skyhawk!  Explore Cessna aircraft and speak with our instructors about all levels of flight training to reach your aviation goals!  Meet our Sky Pirates who will regale you with tales of flying floatplanes!  Feel like a million bucks without having to buy your own jet while learning about our Lanier Flight Express charter opportunities!

Parking is free through a special Palmour Drive entrance off of Queen City Parkway at I-985, and there is only a $5 donation per person at the gate (free for children 12 and under).  So mark your calendars and join us Saturday, July 9 for the Cracker Fly-in!

Go to or for more information.


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