John Stauter – Multi-Engine Instructor

John Stauter - Multi-Engine InstructorJohn Stauter is no stranger to check rides.  He and his LFC flight instructor, Chuck Padgett, have been working on John’s Multi-engine Instructor Add-on Rating form many weeks.

But, with a long career as both a Navy Pilot and Delta Captain, and supporting a double handful of Delta jet type ratings on his ATP certificate, John’s flight instructor was surprised to see him climbing out of our Seminole, dripping in sweat after his successful 2 hour check ride with the FAA examiner. When Chuck asked John how it went, John’s comment says it all…”Aha,.. THAT was a real work-out, a REAL work-out”. Wow!

John passed his Multi-Engine Instructor checkride on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 with the FAA down at Fulton County Airport. What a great accomplishment!  It takes and ton of effort, skill and commitment to obtain this type of instructor rating.  All of us here at LFC say, “Outstanding job, John!”.  What a terrific, professional addition to the Lanier Flight School instructor staff.