Helpful Flying Links

Lanier Flight Center goals to help and grow the aviation industry as much as we can.  Below are some flying links that you might find helpful:

Atlanta Flight Training – General aviation’s strongest, largest lobbying and support organization.

General Aviation Serves America – Produced by AOPA, this website presents some of the benefits the nation as a whole realizes as a result of general aviation.

FAA Student Pilot Handbook – An excellent resource for the new student. Covers all of the frequesntly asked questions about pursuing a pilot certificate. We encourage new students to do their research and let us know if there are any questions we can help answer.

Gene Whitt – An amazing flying resource with TONS of information from the very prolific CFI, Gene Whitt. This is a fantastic resource for pilots at all levels of experience and knowledge…even if he does teach to pitch for airspeed and power for altitude.

Air Safety Foundation – The AOPA Air Safety Foundation, founded in 1950, is dedicated to just one goal making flying easier and safer for general aviation pilots. ASF offers free training materials and resources of exceptional quality and is a wonderful resource sponsored by AOPA.

Flying Weather Resources

Air Routing

Aviation Weather – NWS

Baseops InternationalDTC Duats


National Weather Service

Universal Weather & Aviation

Aviation Medicine

Flight Physical Virtual Flight Surgeons

Government Flight Agencies – US

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System

FAA Chart User’s Guide

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook

FAA Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge


U.S. Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration

FAA aviation handbooks

FAA Legal interpretations from the Chief Counsel’s office

Aviation Links

Aviation Attorneys. Com


Aircraft Dealer Network


Aviation Data Research

Aviation Education Links & Resources

Aviation Home Page, The



Rising Up Aviation Resources


DeKalb Peachtree Airport

PDK Flight School

Aviation Ring

AvStop Magazine Online

Av Web

Controller/Executive Controller


Global Aviation Navigator

Thirty Thousand Feet Aviation Directory


Ultimate Aviation Links

Wriston Aviation – Mobile IFR/VFR Aircraft Inspections

Pilot Journey.Com

Cessna Aircraft Financing

Zook & Associates Aircraft Finance

Flying Magazines & News

Air Transport Intelligence

Aircraft Maintenance Technology

Aviation Directories: Air & Business Travel News

Aviation International News

Aviation Today

Professional Pilot

Aerospace Online


AvStop Magazine Online

Flight International



Flying Organizations

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Canadian Business Aircraft Association

Corporate Angel Network

European Business Aviation Association

Flight Safety Foundation

National Business Aircraft Association

The Ninety Nines

Professional Aviation Maintenance Association

International Air Transport Association

International Business Aviation Council

International Civil Aviation Organization

International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations

Minority Pilot Association/Academy

National Air Transportation Association

Women in Aviation

Aircraft Safety Links

Aviation Safety: The Journal of Accident Prevention

Aviation Safety Network

Aviation Safety Reporting System

Flight Standards Service – Aviation Safety Program

Other Links

Riptrax Travel Resource

17fun Travel Directory
Pilot Friend

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