Cessna Skycatcher Is Coming to LFC!

Cessna Skycatcher For SaleWe are extremely excited to announce the introduction of Cessna’s revolutionary new trainer, the C-162 Skycatcher! So excited, in fact, that we have placed a deposit for 6 deilvery positions!

We, along with Cessna, recognize that one of the largest barriers to entry to General Aviation is cost. The vision behind the SkyCatcher is going to make a pilot’s license less expensive and accessible to more people. We are firmly behind that vision.

If you are interested in purchasing a Cessna SkyCatcher or would like to schedule a demo flight, contact Troy Wheeler at troy.wheeler@lanierflightcenter.com.

Why You Need an Instrument Rating

Garmin 1000Congratulations on earning your private pilot certificate. As a private pilot, you are a member of a small and distinguished minority who have tasted the incredible freedom and exhilaration of personal flight. Now that you have come to appreciate the value of your private pilot certificate’s privileges, we expect that you have seen some of it’s limitations as well. As flight training professionals, we at Lanier Flight Center believe that there are a number of very good reasons to continue your aviation training to the extent of seeking an instrument rating. Read more