Joe Smith – First Solo

JoeWe at Lanier Flight Center would like to Congratulate Joe Smith on his First Solo on Calm Tuesday Morning in N61942. Way 2-Go Joe:)

Mark Cox – First Solo

MarkThe city of Gainesville stood to it’s feet and roared with shouts of glee as State Trooper Mark Cox joined the ranks of the elite solo club.

Instructor Derek Metro was very proud but especially enjoyed asking him to place his hands on the vehicle as he ripped the shirt from his back.

Way to go Mark!  We are so proud of your accomplishments!


Chirag Patel – Private Pilot

chirag-patel-solo-250-1A huge congrats goes out to Chirag Patel for passing his private pilot checkride with FAA designated examiner Randy Haralson on Tuesday June 21st, 2011. Flight instructor Liz Kooymans couldn’t be more proud of his monumental accomplishment! Read more

Demand For Airline Pilots Set To Soar

USA Today – “There was no specific moment,” says Sivyllis, 20, a junior at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “I’ve grown up my whole life knowing this was it.”

Sivyllis hardly could have picked a better time to enter his chosen profession, and he knows it. “I’m very excited about the future … because we’ve never really seen anything like this,” he says. Read more

43rd Annual Cracker Fly-In – July 9th – KGVL

43rd Annual Cracker Fly-In is on July 9th at Gainesville, GA at KGVL.

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Jefferson Knox – Private Pilot

Jefferson Knox Private PilotOn Friday June 3, 2011 Jefferson Knox attained the the Rank of “Private Pilot” under FAA designated Flight Examiner Randy Haralson before leaving for his new job in Dallas Texas. Read more