Randy Wade – Private Pilot Certificate

Randy-WadeLanier Flight Center’s wants to congratulate Randy Wade for getting his Private Pilot Certificate.  His instructor Kelly Chandler is very proud and says, “WAY 2-GO RANDY”!!!!

Todd Slinker – First Solo

ToddCongratulations to Todd Slinker for earning his SOLO Wings on July 14,2011! His instructor Kelly Chandler.  All of us at LFC are proud of his accomplishment.

Way to go Todd!

Jon Owens – Commercial Certificate

Jon-Owen“Congratulations to Jon Owens who earned himself a commercial certificate on July 6th with examiner Randy Harolson.

Instructor Derek Metro couldn’t be more proud.  Jon really took to his training with a disciplined approach and worked efficiently to receive his commercial crown.  Jon also works in our maintenance shop at Lanier Flight Center.

Way to go Jon!”

Chris Bylo – First Solo

ChrisByloSoloEarly morning, 6 July 2011, Chris Bylo blasted off in Skyhawk N61942, for his first solo flight in a fixed-wing aircraft. Chris earned his helicopter private pilot rating in 1989 and recently began flying again in airplanes.

Chris, or “Mr. President” as we like to address him, is a cool operator and is working on getting his fixed-wing add-on to use with his business, Blue Field Floors.

His instructor, Dave Wardlaw, is very happy and proud of Chris and his flying.

Announcing Buyer Assist For Pre-Owned Aircraft

Aircraft-Buyers-AssistEstablished in 2003, Lanier Flight Center continues to expand to meet the needs of our customers and the aviation market. We are excited to launch the Buyer Assist Program!

Purchasing a previously owned aircraft is a vastly rewarding investment – but innumerable choices, safety inspections, negotiations, financing, and translating industry jargon can make finding (let alone purchasing) the perfect plane a full-time job. Lanier Flight Center’s experts orchestrate the entire process for you, relying on decades of industry experience and an extensive network of valuable connections to acquire your dream aircraft.

By carefully considering your unique needs and understanding your mission, our consultant helps you outline your ideal aircraft. Based on your preferences and requirements, Lanier searches through a pool of national resources, built from years of positive relationships within the industry. Our consultant can quickly locate planes virtually tailored to the specific requirements of even the most particular buyer.

When the best aircraft has been found, our consultant works closely with both the buyer and seller, coordinating all the necessary safety and background checks, handling negotiations, and helping to secure financing. Not only will a consultant save you valuable time, with their invaluable experience and knowledge, they can also often secure a lower price for your desired aircraft through skilled negotiations. Most importantly, our consultants’ expertise safeguards you from the many financial pitfalls and safety issues of a poorly informed purchase.

Please call us at 678-989-2395 to find out more.

Michael Higdon – First Solo

Michael-HigdonCongratulations to Michael Higdon for completing his first solo in the Skycatcher on Friday July 1st, 2011 at Gainesville airport.

Michael has worked extremely hard to achieve this huge milestone and has also become a communication expert on the radio in the process. Instructors Kelly Chandler and Liz Kooymans couldn’t be more proud of his accomplishment.

Before we know it, Michael will  have his sport pilot certificate!