Travis Rogers – First Solo (10/26/11)

Travis Rogers - First SoloCongratulations to Travis Rogers for earning his solo wings!! Even with a Citation nipping at his heels, he nailed 3 landings on runway 23 in Cessna 172 Skyhawk N21527! We are so proud of your accomplishment and we’re celebrating with you!

R K Whitehead – Instrument Rating (10/25/11)

RKINSTCongratulations to R K Whitehead for obtaining his Instrument Rating!! His instructor, Chuck Padgett, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center are proud of his accomplishment. Nice work R K!

Corey Turner – Private Pilot Certificate (10/22/11)

Corey TurnerCorey Turner passed his Private Pilot checkride Saturday, September 22 in Anderson, SC with examiner, Randy Haralson. Corey devotes much of his time to Cisco Systems. When not at work, he might be traveling to far-away places. For example, Corey was boarding a plane in Tokyo last summer, when the earthquake struck. Whether is is computers or airplanes, Corey manages his resources with great skill, and we welcome him to the pilot community. Congratulations!

Michael Higdon – Private Pilot Certificate (10/22/11)

Michael HigdonCongratulations from all of us at Lanier Flight Center to Michael Higdon for earning his Private Pilot Certificate!! His instructor Kelly Chandler and all of us at LFC congratulate Michael on his great accomplishment. Great job Michael! Read more

Tom McGurk – First Solo (10/17/11)

Tom McGurkAn exciting day for Tom as he completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Tom took off in Cessna 172SP N6034B from Peachtree-Dekalb airport and did 3 laps around the traffic pattern as his instructor Curtis Griswald watched from the ground. Tom had 3 nice landings and did a great job. Congratulations Tom!!!

Tucker Hickcox – Private Pilot Certificate (10/14/11)

TuckerTucker Hickox successfully completed his Private Pilot checkride on Friday October 14, 2011 at Anderson Airport with Designated Pilot Examiner Randy Haralson. We all celebrate and congratulate Tucker on his successful accomplishment and the dedicated instruction from Chuck Padgett. WAY TO GO Tucker!!!