FLIGHT TO THE BAHAMAS (11/30 – 12/4) – Incredible!!!


What an amazing aviation adventure. 31 people in 9 aircraft. The Bahamas will never be the same! Check out some pictures on facebook: Bahamas Adventure 2011

Tom McGurk – Private Pilot Certificate (11/22/11)

TomCongratulations to Tom McGurk on passing his Private Pilot checkride with Randy Haralson at KAND on Tuesday, November 22! Tom’s hard work and perseverance have earned his certificate in a short period of time and we join CFI Curtis Griswold in celebrating Tom’s continuing achievements as he has already begun his instrument training! Read more

Ann-Margaret – Private Pilot Certificate (11/21/2011)

Ann-MargaretCongratulations from all of us at Lanier Flight Center to Ann-Margaret for earning his Private Pilot Certificate!! Her instructor Kelly Chandler and all of us at Lanier Flight Center could not be more proud of Ann-Margaret’s accomplishment. Great job! Read more

Derek Hirsch – Private Pilot Certificate (11/17/11)

DerekLFC congratulates Derek Hirsch for passing his Private Pilot checkride on November 17th

Jay Harrison – Airline Transport Pilot (11/11/11)

JayJay successfully earned his ATP Certificate flying N727LF. Congratulations and job well done!

If you would like to learn more about getting your Airline Transport Pilot, contact Lanier Flight Center today.

Read more

Jim Flock – First Solo (11/12/11)

Jim FlockJim Flock soloed in Skycatcher 6029Z at Winder on Saturday Nov 12. He initially used runway 31, but when a slight breeze came out of the southwest, he switched to runway 23. Great adjustment and execution, Jim.

David Gazda – Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (11/5/11)

Congratulations to David for earning his Mult-Engine rating in record time.

Eric Waters – First Solo (11/1/11)

Eric WatersAn exciting day for Eric as he completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Eric took off in Cessna 162 Skycatcher N70252 on Runway 05 and did a lap around the traffic pattern as his instructor David Gazda watched from the ground. Nice work! Congratulations Eric!!!