Mark Cox – Private Pilot Certificate (5/30/12)

Congratulations to Mark Cox for earning his PRIVATE PILOT CERTIFICATE on Thursday May 30th, 2012 with Pilot Examiner Randy Haralson in Anderson, SC. He flew G1000 equipped Cessna Skyhawk N6034B into history. His instructor Derek Metro and the rest of us at Lanier Flight Center are proud of Mark’s hard work. Great job Mark!

Brian Burgoon – Private Pilot Certificate (5/29/12)

Congratulations to Brian Burgoon for earning his PRIVATE PILOT’s CERTIFICATE on Tuesday May 29th, 2012 in Collegedale, TN. Great job Brian!

Daniel Schultheiss – First Solo Flight (5/25/12)

DanielCongratulations to Daniel Schultheiss for earning his FIRST SOLO WINGS in Cessna Skyhawk N1006V on Runway 2R at PDK. His instructor Brian Bera watched as Daniel flew on his first solo voyage. Kudos Daniel!

44th Cracker Fly-In July 7, 2012

In less than three weeks, aircraft from pre-WWII to the latest in experimental flying machines will be on display at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport in Gainesville, Georgia! Join your friends from Lanier Flight Center and EAA Chapter 611 Saturday, July 7 for the 44th Annual CRACKER FLY-IN!

Come for the Pancake Breakfast at 7:30am (only $5) and stay for a WACO biplane or Huey helicopter ride, games and numerous dynamic aviation displays! Bring the family for the children’s activities and stay for lunch from Shane’s Rib Shack. There is only a $2 per person donation at the gate, but fly-in pilots and children under 12 are free!

If you are coming from I-985, there is a special entrance for the event. Take the first left (Palmour Drive) after passing under the bridge from Queen City Parkway (Exit #20) and follow the signs.

Be sure to come by and see us at the LFC booth!

Go to 44th Cracker Fly-In for more information.

D. Higgins – Private Pilot Certificate (5/19/12)

“NEWS RELEASE…..May 20, 2010

…..for immediate dissimilation to all pilots and friends of Lanier Flight School.”


On May 19, 2012 at 7:30 in the morning the bright yellow sun rose over the emerald green pastures of eastern Georgia as Cessna N2132W, slipped smoothly through the cool morning sky to its planned destination of Anderson SC. Inside, sat an anxious Dee Higgins along with his instructor Chuck Padgett as the long morning shadows pasted 5500 feet below. Most folks were still asleep, but Dee had a 10:00 am appointment with his FAA examiner, Randy Haralson. But, just after 1:00 in the afternoon all of Dee’s hard work and hours of practice during the last three weeks were rewarded when Randy Haralson handed him his “Private Pilot Certificate”. Randy’s comment was that, “…he did exceptional on the oral and continued that right thru to the flight portion. There is nothing I can add, it was just right on”. Join with all of us here at the flight school, as we send Dee a huge slap on the back and congratulations “Captain Dee”!!!

Brian Symonds – First Solo (5/18/12)

BrianCongratulations to Brian Symonds for earning his FIRST SOLO WINGS in Skyhawk N787LF on Runway 05, KGVL. His instructor Kelly Chandler and all of us at LFC are proud of his accomplishment. Keep up the great work!

Sam Kelly – First Solo Flight (5/16/12)

SamCongratulations to Sam K. for earning his FIRST SOLO WINGS in Cessna Skycatcher N6029Z on Runway 29, KGVL. His instructor Kelly Chandler watched as Sam made 3 laps in the pattern and impressed with excellent approaches and landings. Great job Sam!

Rick Baxter – Commercial Pilot (05/11/12)

RickCongratulations to Rick Baxter who earned a Commercial Certificate on Friday May 11th, 2012 with examiner Randy Haralson.

Instructor David Gazda and all of us at LFC couldn’t be more proud.  Rick went after it and got it done. Great job Rick. Now its time to start on the CFI!

Sandra Cohen – First Solo Flight (4/28/12)

SandraCongratulations to Sandra for earning her FIRST SOLO WINGS on April 27th at PDK on Runway 20R in Skyhawk N109TJ!! Way to go Sandra!!!