Wes Dale – Private Pilot Certificate (8/24/12)

WesWes is Lanier Flight Center’s newest Private Pilot! He flew Skycatcher N6029Z to Anderson, SC and successfully completed his check ride with DPE Randy Haralson. Wes’ instructor, Kelly Chandler, and the rest of us congratulate Wes for a job well done!

Chris Thompson – Multi-Engine Commercial (8/23/12)

ChrisChris flew N727LF to Chattanooga and earned his Commercial- Multi-Engine. His instructor, Randy Carpenter and the rest of us are proud of his accomplishment. Way to go Chris!!

Sandra Cohen – Private Pilot Certificate (8/18/12)

SandraCongratulations to Sandra for earning her Private Pilot Certificate in Cessna 172SP Skyhawk N2132W!! Way to go Sandra!!!

2009 Turbo 182T Skylane Added to Fleet

We are excited to announce the availability of this beautiful 2009 Turbo 182T Skylane for our Flying Club Members! Cruise at over 150 knots and enjoy the comfort, luxury and Garmin G1000 avionics. Call and reserve it for you next cross country trip!!

Chris Thompson – Commercial Certificate (8/12/12)

ChrisChris flew N9947C and successfully obtained a Commercial- Single Engine. His instructor, Randy Carpenter and the rest of us are proud of his accomplishment. Way to go Chris!!

Scott Weber – Private Pilot Certificate (8/10/12)

ScottA day in aviation history. Scott Weber successfully completed his Check Ride with DPE Randy Haralson earning his PRIVATE PILOT CERTIFICATE!!! Nice work Scott and congrats from all of us!!!

Don Burgoyne – First Solo Flight (8/9/12)

DonCongratulations to Don for obtaining his FIRST SOLO WINGS!! Don soloed on Runway 2L at 0800hrs at PDK. His instructor, Joe Lanier, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center are proud of his accomplishment. Great job Don!

Jon Owens – CFI (8/7/12)

A huge congrats to Jon Owens for becoming Lanier Flight Center’s newest CFI!!! On Tuesday evening, Jon successfully completed the grueling 2 day check ride! We are so proud of you Jon. Great work!!!

Edward Artigue – First Solo Flight (8/3/12)

EdwardCongrats to our newest SOLO Pilot, Edward Artigue. He flew Cessna Skyhawk N6034B 3 laps around the pattern on Runway 23 at Gainesville. His instructor Kelly Chandler watched as Edward skillfully flew the pattern. Great work Edward!!!

Rick Marucci – First Solo Flight (8/2/12)

It was a beautiful morning on Thursday August 2nd, 2012 when Rick Marucci completed his first solo on Runway 23 at Gainesville airport in G1000 equipped Skyhawk N6034B. Rick made 3 laps around the pattern to complete his 3 solo takeoffs and landings like a seasoned pro! Rick’s flight instructor Chuck Padgett couldn’t be more proud of his huge accomplishment!!! Rick’s hard work and diligence have most certainly paid off. Congratulations Rick!