Jeff Reimer – Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating (01/22/14)


Join CFII Derek Metro and all of us at Lanier Flight Center in congratulating Jeff Reimer for becoming an instrument-rated flight instructor on January 22!  Having applied good study habits and well-honed skills, Jeff earned the title of CFII when he met with FAA DPE Dan Emin at KPDK!  Let’s give Jeff a big round of applause for a job WELL DONE!

David Morgan – First Solo (01/16/14)


With a focused determination and positive attitude, David Morgan successfully completed his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT on Thursday, January 16 in Cessna Skyhawk N2458M!  David’s instructor, Michael Morris, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center wish David all the best in his aviation journey!  Great job, David!

Josh Brandes – First Solo (01/08/14)


Josh Brandes decided the best way to answer the severe cold snap was to heat-up the skies with his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT today at KGVL!  Josh took-off in Cessna Skyhawk N291HW and made three beautiful landings on runway 5 with his instructor, David Gazda, smiling his approval.  Join all of us at LFC in congratulating Josh on a job WELL DONE!

The Next Step for Opening Lake Lanier to Floatplanes


We are excited to update you on the Lake Lanier floatplane access process.  After several informative and strategic meetings with the Army Corp of Engineers both locally and regionally, we are ready to begin the process of presenting the proposal for floatplane access in a public forum format.

Our goal of bringing business to the area while growing the General Aviation base in Georgia requires educating the community.  Safe practices on our waterways are the responsibility of the certificated pilots of floatplanes, and we want the community to know that our desire is to work with boaters and lake homeowners to establish reasonable guidelines for lake access.

Lanier Flight Center Owner and President and Seaplane Pilots Association Field Director for Georgia, Troy Wheeler, wants you to know that we would not have come this far without the invaluable support of individual pilots within our community.  Several friends of LFC participated in the June meeting when we heard from SPA President, Steve McCaughey.  In order to enter the public forum, we are forming a focus group and will host a gathering in February (date and time TBA).  Please email  if you are interested in attending.  Your ideas, connections, and collaborative efforts are much appreciated and we are looking forward to taking the next step with you.

Thank you for your help in affording Georgia the freedom enjoyed by our neighboring states and by so many aviators nationwide.

Andrew Schettino – First Solo (01/03/14)


It was the first Friday of the New Year, and Andrew Schettino kicked-off the FIRST SOLO FLIGHT of his aviation journey!  His instructor, Derek Metro, applauded from the ground as Andrew made smooth landings at KFTY in Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ!  Way to go, Andrew!  We’re celebrating with you!

LFC Launches the First Ever Customizable Ground School in January!


With the New Year upon us, it’s a better time than ever to plan YOUR RESOLUTION SOLUTION for 2014!

Lanier Flight Center’s Ground School Coordinator, Derek Metro, is offering the first ever CUSTOMIZED GROUND SCHOOL PLATFORM!  In 2013, we launched LFC Online Ground School, and in 2014, Derek is taking the program one step further…

Beginning the week of January 13, we will offer BOTH Private Pilot and Instrument Rating weekly ground school classes for a total of 12 weeks each.  For the first time, the class dates and times will be arranged by the instructor to suit your preferences!   To enroll, simply email Derek at with your class choice (Private or Instrument), your class format option (online or in person), and your weekday and time preference(s).  Our Ground School Coordinator will contact you directly.

Friends and family of pilots and student pilots…

Both courses in all formats will be offered for $329, so consider giving the gift of Ground School to your favorite aviator!  Just call 678-989-2395 (KGVL) or 770-457-1270 (KPDK) and let our LFC customer service representatives make it easy for you to support the pilot in your life.

A few notes about our course offerings…                                                

Private Pilot Course:  Student Pilots, join us for the aviation knowledge you need to pass your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Written and Oral ExamsSeasoned Pilots, active or inactive, log on for a refresher on the latest aeronautical knowledge and information.  Wherever you are on your aviation journey, our Private Pilot Ground School course is for you!

Instrument Rating Course:  Enjoy the benefits of a structured course in a friendly, interactive environment that will provide you with the aviation knowledge to pass your FAA Instrument Pilot Knowledge Written and Oral Exams.  Whether you are a new VFR Pilot or seasoned IFR Pilot, currently active or perhaps a bit rusty, this course is for YOU!