Brett Sands – First Solo (02/22/14)


Give a big round of applause for Brett Sands for his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!  Brett flew Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ to KCVC and left his instructor, Brad Falberg, to watch proudly from the ground as he achieved this aviation milestone!  WAY TO GO, BRETT!  We are all celebrating with you!

Trevor Gordon – First Solo (02/20/14)


With the calm determination demonstrated throughout his training, Trevor Gordon left his instructor, Jon Owens on the ground and flew Cessna Skyhawk N2458M on his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT today at KGVL!  Join all of us in celebrating Trevor’s terrific accomplishment, and give him a big, “Way to go, Trevor!”

Dusty Edinger – First Solo (02/19/14)


Join your friends at Lanier Flight Center in celebrating Dusty Edinger’s FIRST SOLO FLIGHT on Wednesday, February 19!  Dusty’s instructor, Jon Hope, knew he was ready and de-boarded Cessna Skyhawk N21527 to watch Dusty successfully complete his first solo takeoffs and landings!  GREAT JOB, DUSTY!

Paul Mashburn – Private Pilot Certificate (02/17/14)


A big CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Mashburn for earning his Private Pilot Certificate today at KGRD with DPE Randy Haralson!  Paul’s instructor, Kelly Chandler, could not be more proud, and has enjoyed Paul’s dedication in their early morning lessons.  Paul is planning a fun flight soon, but for now join everyone at LFC in telling Paul, “GREAT JOB!”

John Wright – Multi-Engine Rating (01/31/14)


John Wright decided to launch into 2014 with TWO engines instead of one!   On January 31, John flew Piper Seminole N727LF to KGRD and received the green light from DPE Randy Haralson!  Join John’s instructor, David Gazda, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center in celebrating John’s Multi-Engine Rating!  WAY TO GO, JOHN!