Lessons from Henri

Around the Independence Day holiday, stories of courage and the freedom earned by courageous acts are celebrated and honored.  This year, we were honored to witness the courageous spirit of an aviator who overcomes obstacles that the rest of us never encounter.  Henri Corderoy du Tiers is a French citizen holding an FAA license, but though he feels the vibration of an engine on start-up, he will never hear it’s purr at altitude.  Henri is deaf.

It was January when I received the first assisted phone call connected from overseas with a unique request; there was a deaf pilot in France speaking through a hearing interpreter to make arrangements for renting an airplane in July.  “Say again?” was my first response, but over the course of a few more in kind calls and several emails, it was more than apparent how this gentleman overcame and earned the same freedom that was afforded all hearing certificated pilots.  Henri’s intelligence and thoroughness made an impression on our Chief, as well, as he was released to rent the Cessna Skylane to accomplish the mission he planned so many months earlier.  Henri and his friends, also deaf, were heading to the Deaf Pilots Association Fly-In in Knoxville, Tennessee, just like he had done as a new pilot two decades earlier.

“It is right I flew with my wife and her twin daughters on a C172 from Gaithersburg, Maryland to Knoxville, Tennessee 20 years ago to attend at the very first Deaf Pilots Fly-in.  I have then attended at almost all the following Fly-Ins (Southern California, Northern California, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, etc).  Next year it’ll be held near Portland, Oregon,” emailed Henri.

This summer, we made a new friend at Lanier Flight Center, and met a new teacher.  Henri is back in France, but his lessons remain with us reminding us every time we see the horizon over the cowling just what a privilege and honor it is to fly.

For more information on the Deaf Pilots Association, Inc., go to http://www.deafpilots.com.  (Note:  That is Henri flying the Bonanza in sillouette on the home page.)

Manuel Robles – Private Pilot Certificate (07/28/14)


Manuel Robles earned two thumbs-up from his instructor Jesse Leftwich and FAA DPE Ben Carr when he became Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT on Monday, July 28!  Manuel’s hard work and commitment throughout his training at KPDK paid-off, and all of us at LFC wish him blue skies.  WAY TO GO, MANUEL!

Wes Jordan – First Solo (07/26/14)


It was a perfect Saturday to fly, and Wes Jordan did it with his instructor, Derek Metro, watching from the ground!  Join Derek and all of us at Lanier a Flight Center in celebrating Wes’ FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ on July 26 on Runway 26 at KFTY!  Wes’ determination and great attitude will see him holding a Private Pilot certificate soon!  GREAT JOB, WES!

Ben Brownlow – Sport Pilot Certificate (07/25/14)


Join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in applauding Ben Brownlow for becoming our newest SPORT PILOT on July 25!  Ben flew Cessna Skycatcher N70252 to KFGU with his instructor, Jesse Leftwich, to meet with FAA DPE Ben Carr.  The two Ben’s returned from a successful practical test, and the rest is history!  CONGRATULATIONS, BEN!

Cole Bobbitt – First Solo (07/23/14)


The only thing brighter than the sun was Cole Bobbitt’s smile as he completed three beautiful landings during his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT on July 23!  His instructor, Jon Owens, along with his family, proudly watched Cole fly Cessna Skyhawk N2132W into the summer sky.  Cole will be a great Private Pilot soon!  WAY TO GO, COLE!

Karen Atkins – Private Pilot Certificate (07/22/14)


It’s time to celebrate!  On Tuesday, July 22, Karen Atkins joined the ranks of PRIVATE PILOT when she soared through her check ride with FAA DPE Ben Carr at KFGU in Tennessee!  Karen’s instructor, Jesse Leftwich, enjoyed Karen’s dedication and enthusiasm throughout her training at KPDK, and leads all of us at Lanier Flight Center in saying, “GREAT JOB, KAREN!”

Angie Harvey – Private Pilot Certificate (07/18/14)


Let’s hear it for Angie Harvey for becoming a PRIVATE PILOT in Cessna Skycatcher, N6029Z!  Angie’s hard work and tenacity in combination with her positive attitude culminated in a big ‘thumbs-up’ from FAA DPE Randy Haralson!  Join Angie’s instructor, Kelly Chandler, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center in saying, “Great job, Angie!”

Mike Simpson – Private Pilot Certificate (07/17/14)


Join us in celebrating Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT, Mike Simpson! Mike flew Cessna Skyhawk N623KW to KGRD for his practical test with FAA DPE Randy Haralson. A picture’s worth a thousand words, and the terrific smiles worn by both Mike and his instructor, Kelly Chandler, say it all! WAY TO GO, MIKE!

Cessna Discover Flying Challenge Lights-Up the Fly-In

2014 Cessna DFC Pilots

In the bright sunlight at the 45th Annual Cracker Fly-In there weren’t any firecrackers, but the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge Pilots were lighting up the sky all day!  For the 17 people who flew with Zach Floto, Daniel Tou, and Alex Krochin, Saturday’s event left a trail of smiles that will shine all summer.

In its third year, the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge is touring the country bringing the joy of aviation to air shows, fly-ins, and open houses at dozens of airfields near you.  Each year, Cessna chooses the ‘cream of the crop’ out of a field of bright young aviators in their final stages of college aviation programs to share the thrill of flight on behalf of the world’s leader in flight training and general aviation aircraft.  Lucky event attendees find themselves departing terra firma in the cockpit of a brand new Cessna Skyhawk equipped with the latest technology.  This past Saturday, more than a few decided to become a pilot, and not just a passenger.

Many thanks to Zach, Daniel, and Alex, from your friends at Lanier Flight Center for helping to make our 11th fly-in at KGVL the best ever!  Blue skies and bright futures, Guys!

Read more about the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge at www.cessna.com/dfc.