Kiran Gudipati – Private Pilot Certificate (09/30/14)


It’s time to celebrate!  Kiran Gudipati’s dedication and determination blazed a trail to success, and he is Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT!  Kiran flew Cessna Skyhawk N623KW to KGRD and received two thumbs-up from his examiner!  Join Kiran’s instructor, Kelly Chandler, and all of us at LFC in exclaiming, “WAY TO GO, KIRAN!”

Dusty Edinger – Private Pilot Certificate (09/18/14)


From the first day that Dusty Edinger called LFC, it was evident he was going to be a pilot! And on Thursday, September 18, Dusty achieved his goal! Let’s give a big round of applause to Dusty for getting two thumbs-up from FAA DPE Randy Haralson and becoming Lanier Flight Center’s newest Private Pilot! Dusty’s instructor, Jon Owens, and all of us at LFC say, “Great job, Dusty!”

James Graham – First Solo (09/16/14)


Cadet James Graham sets a stellar example everywhere he goes, and now he has left his mark on aviation history with his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!  James’ instructor, Michael Morris, and all of us here at Lanier Flight Center are giving James a big round of applause for soaring into the blue September sky in Cessna Skyhawk N291HW and making three beautiful landings!  GREAT JOB, JAMES!

Brad Falberg – Multi Engine Instructor (09/11/14)


With his many talents and attributes, Brad Falberg wanted to bring one more gift to all of us at Lanier Flight Center, so he achieved his MULTI-ENGINE INSTRUCTOR status on Thursday, September 11!  Brad flew Piper Seminole N727LF with his instructor, Juan Leon, to KCHA, and returned as Lanier Flight Center’s newest MEI!  We are grateful to have Brad on the team here at LFC, and know you will want to join us in saying, “WAY TO GO, BRAD!”

LFC Launches Charter with LANIER FLIGHT EXPRESS!

N425TJ MountainsN93517

Lanier Flight Center is proud to announce the availability of charter operations with LANIER FLIGHT EXPRESS!  Whether your mission is a fun weekend at a college football game two states away, or an important client meeting followed by a night back at home watching your daughter’s piano concert, we have a solution for you!

Lanier Flight Express is fully operational with two aircraft that meet a variety of demands.  You can charter the Cessna Conquest with over 1,500 miles of turbine-powered range and room for your buddies, or take the Cessna Turbo Skylane with performance to crest the mountains and get you and your accountant there in time to close the deal.  Both aircraft provide a clean, air-conditioned, and superbly maintained experience for your next adventure.

At the helm of Lanier Flight Express is our Charter Pilot, David Gazda.  Contact David today at to book your seat on Lanier Flight Express!



Take-off with Online Ground School this Fall!


The lazy hazy days of summer are giving way to autumn, and it’s time to harvest your knowledge with FALL GROUND SCHOOL!  Lanier Flight Center’s Ground School Coordinator, Derek Metro, is offering a dynamic interactive Ground School for both Private Pilot and Instrument Rating courses!  Re-focus, re-energize, and take-off this fall with one of these offerings…

In two weeks, we will offer BOTH Private Pilot and Instrument Rating weekly ground school classes for a total of 13 weeks each.  Private Pilot Ground School will meet online on Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm, beginning September 16, and Instrument Rating Ground School will meet online on Thursdays from 6:00-8:00pm, beginning September 18.  Both online courses will feature a customized format with interspersed live, classroom meetings at either KGVL or KPDK, AND both live course offerings include recorded sessions for convenient review or make-up classes.  Simply email Derek at with your class choice (Private or Instrument), and you will be on your way to ground school!

Pilots, student pilots, and friends and family of aviators in training…

Both courses are offered for $349 each, so consider giving the gift of Ground School to yourself or to your favorite aviator!  Just call 678-989-2395 (KGVL) or 770-457-1270 (KPDK) and let our LFC customer service representatives make it easy for you to support the pilot in your life.

A few notes about our course offerings…                                                

Private Pilot Course:  Student Pilots, join us for the aviation knowledge you need to pass your FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Written and Oral ExamsSeasoned Pilots, active or inactive, log on for a refresher on the latest aeronautical knowledge and information.  Wherever you are on your aviation journey, our Private Pilot Ground School course is for you!

Instrument Rating Course:  Enjoy the benefits of a structured course in a friendly, interactive environment that will provide you with the aviation knowledge to pass your FAA Instrument Pilot Knowledge Written and Oral Exams.  Whether you are a new VFR Pilot or seasoned IFR Pilot, currently active or perhaps a bit rusty, this course is for YOU!

Lastly, go here for a message from Derek…