Ken Norton – Private Pilot Certificate (10/28/16)


Aviation is definitely a family affair for Ken Norton, who took-off from KGVL in Cessna Skyhawk N623KW Friday and returned as a PRIVATE PILOT! Ken’s mom and dad are pilots, and now he is viewing the horizon from the left seat himself! Ken’s instructor, Nate Tennant, applauds Ken’s hard work and dedication, and all of us welcome Ken to the Lanier Flight Center family!  “OUTSTANDING JOB, KEN!”

David Kimball – First Solo (10/20/16)


The cold front was coming, but that didn’t stop David Kimball from celebrating his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT with the traditional solo shirt! David’s instructor, Mark Hughes, couldn’t be prouder of David’s progress, and knows he will be going for his check ride soon! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in applauding David’s accomplishment! YOU DID IT, DAVID!


Rodrigo Meade – First Solo (10/11/16)


Rodrigo Meade made the most of a beautiful October day at PDK by making his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Rodrigo left his instructor, David Kerr, on the ground and took-off in Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ to log this significant aviation milestone! Please join Rodrigo’s instructor and all of us at Lanier Flight Center in cheering, “GREAT JOB, RODRIGO!”

Nekhil Patel – Commercial Pilot Certificate (10/05/16)


It’s time to celebrate with Nekhil Patel who entered the ranks of professional pilots earning his COMMERCIAL PILOT CERTIFICATE! We have enjoyed knowing Nekhil as a customer and are excited to announce he is joining the Lanier Flight Center team as he works toward his CFI rating! Nekhil’s instructor, Mark Hughes, couldn’t be prouder, and all of us at LFC exclaim, “OUTSTANDING JOB, NEKHIL!”