Steve Wells – First Solo (09/30/17)

The fall foliage will be putting on a show soon, and Steve Wells made sure he’d be ready for the best view from above by making his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Steve’s consistency and good study habits have developed sharp skills that will have him ready for his check ride in no time! His instructor, Ann Perry Blank, has enjoyed the journey with Steve, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center join her in a big, “GREAT JOB, STEVE!”

Travis Blick – First Solo (09/21/17)

It was a beautiful day at GVL as Travis Blick left his instructor, David Ingalsbe, on the ground and took-off on his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! Travis earned his solo wings greasing three smooth landings in Cessna Skyhawk N2132W! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in a big, “YOU DID IT, TRAVIS!”

Will Baker – Private Pilot Certificate (09/18/17)

Congratulations to Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT, Will Baker! Will’s quiet determination and exceptional study habits allowed this mature young man to soar through his check ride with FAA DPE Randy Haralson! Will’s instructor, Rick Cornelison, couldn’t be prouder, and all of us at LFC are cheering for his well-earned accomplishment! WAY TO GO, WILL!

Tyler Gove – Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add-On (09/17/17)

Whether it’s taking care of our LFC friends and family or studying for a rating, everyone who knows Tyler Gove knows he gives it his all! Please join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in celebrating Tyler’s Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Add-On! And keep an eye on this guy… he’s going places! OUTSTANDING JOB, TYLER!

Scott Smith – Private Pilot Certificate (09/16/17)

Scott Smith soared through his PRIVATE PILOT check ride flying Cessna Skyhawk N623KW, but the party isn’t over yet! Scott is carrying the momentum into his Instrument Rating training! All of us at Lanier Flight Center are celebrating Scott’s success, and are enjoying seeing him use his new ticket!  Please join Scott’s instructor, Chuck Padgett, in cheering, “GREAT JOB, SCOTT!”

Ken Norton – Instrument Rating (09/16/17)

It’s time to celebrate Lanier Flight Center’s newest cloud-buster, Ken Norton! Ken soared into his check ride in Cessna Turbo Stationair N211GT and returned to GVL with his INSTRUMENT RATING! Ken’s instructor, Chuck Padgett, credited Ken’s dedication and intelligence in achieving this advanced rating, and all of us at LFC cheered, “YOU DID IT, KEN!”

Pablo Chavarria – Private Pilot Certificate (09/03/17)

What a perfect way to celebrate the fruits of one’s labor as Pablo Chavarria did by earning his PRIVATE PILOT certificate over Labor Day weekend! We’ve known Pablo as one of our own at LFC, and can attest to his putting his all into every goal he pursues! No doubt that Pablo’s self-motivation and focus will see him through his plans for advanced ratings, as well! Please join Pablo’s instructor, David Ingalsbe, and all of us at Lanier Flight Center in cheering, “OUTSTANDING WORK, PABLO!”