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A Message from Santa Cessna and LFC


‘Twas 12 days before Christmas, when all across the sky,
Not a Mooney could catch him, not even worth a try!
The Cirrus bowed down, acknowledging defeat,
When the newcomer arrived, they all knew they were beat.

Then out above the pattern, there arose such a roar,
A streak across the sky- my, how it could soar!
Out on to the taxiway, the pilots did clamor,
Another rip through the clouds, like Thor with his hammer!

And before they all knew it, he touched-down with grace,
Then he taxied their way. Would they meet, face-to-face?
Who was this sleigh driver? What had them perplexed?
Well, it was Santa Cessna, in his new TTx!

He sprang open the door, to the crowd gave a wave,
Then away he flew-off, and his speed did amaze!
But the radio transmitted, as he sped out of sight,
“If you want to touch heaven, then this is your flight!”

If you like the view up there, and you want to go faster,
Give Lanier Flight Center a call and you’ll be like Santa Cessna!
For the newest flying toys, for all the good girls and boys,
Let us help you with your choices; we’re your source for something joyous!