Flying News

Are Two Better Than One?

Have you always wanted to fly a multi-engine airplane?

Lanier Flight Center is excited to announce our WINTER 2013 MULTI-ENGINE GROUND SCHOOL at our PDK location.  This six-hour course will be taught in two three-hour sessions beginning Saturday, February 23 and ending March 2.  Departure time is at 0900 and classes will last until noon.  We will cover everything you need to know to pass the oral portion of the Multi-engine Rating Practical Test.  The course includes aerodynamics, performance, and flight characteristics of multiengine airplanes in both normal flight and with one engine out.  You will also learn the major systems of the PA44 Piper Seminole, which LFC uses for its multi-engine training.  Upon the completion of the course, you will be ready to enter the world of multi-engine flying with the additional performance and system redundancy that only a twin can provide.

Add these tools to your flight bag:

  • Experience the speed and performance of a twin engine airplane.
  • Become a better pilot by being able to manage a more complex airplane.
  • Learn everything you need to pass the oral portion of your Multi-engine Rating Practical Test.
  • Add a rating to your license which does not require a written knowledge test and which does qualify as a Flight Review.

Your cost for all of this is only $149.  Call 770-457-1270 today and learn why two ARE better than one!