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Calling All Sky Pirates!

WaterLandingSky_Pirate_1 Have you ever flown over a smooth body of  water and wondered what it was like to land  on it?  Or, have you seen beautiful lakes  and rivers in remote destinations and  wondered what it would be like to fly-in and  camp there?  Maybe a new rating is on  your bucket list this year?  For all the ways  you feel the call for adventure,  the Sky  Pirates at Lanier Flight Center  have the answer!


Our Sky Pirate Commanders are on deck at our Blairsville Airport (KDZJ) location and are ready to share the thrill of landing on water!  Now you can earn your Private or Commercial SES Rating with Lanier Flight Center, so please keep reading for information on how you can become a Sky Pirate, or give the Gift of Flight to someone interested in splashing-in!


Introductory Floatplane Lesson – $275
This Gift of Flight is available for purchase through the LFC website or at one of our Atlanta area locations, and is good for one year from the date of purchase, just like our other gift certificates.You or your favorite aviator can get a feel for what it’s like to be a Sky Pirate!  Land on water in our amphibious floatplane and learn about seaplane operations from our skilled and knowledgeable Sky Pirate Commanders!  This experience is one hour.  Tax included.

Seaplane Rating Package – $2150
This is the all-inclusive package price for receiving the SES rating, Private or Commercial, and is payable before the first lesson.  This is the package for completing the rating in the typical one-week time frame.  It includes:

  • FAA Seaplane Handbook FAA-H-8083-23
  • LFC Sky Pirates Handbook
  • 5 hours of ground instruction
  • 5 hours of flight instruction
  • Sky Pirate logo gear item
  • The FAA examiner fee is an additional $400, payable to the examiner in cash or check at the check ride.  So, the entire program cost is $2550.

Seaplane Training á la carte fees – $450/hr
For anyone needing to span the training outside of the one-week format, an hourly rate for floatplane with instructor is available.

Sky Pirate Commander Contact Info
For further information, or to speak directly with Sky Pirate Commander Steve Thompson, please call 503.836.7734.  Also, you may email

So, set your coordinates for a new adventure, and let’s hear your “Aargh!” if you’re ready to splash-in!