N109TJ-extN109TJ is a 2001 Cessna Skyhawk aircraft with standard gauges that makes a great training platform for the private pilot and instrument pilot certificates.

This Cessna Skyhawk is equipped with a KLN 94 color GPS and KAP 140 autopilot. Since there are numerous standard gauge Skyhawks ready to go on the flight line, you won’t have to worry about aircraft availability.

If you’d like more information specific to N109TJ, check out the Pilot Downloads page.

The Cessna Skyhawk aircraft is an all-metal, single-engine piston, high-wing monoplane with a four-person seating capacity including a crew of one or two. Suitable allowance for luggage is provided.

All information herein applies to the Skyhawk (Model 172R).

The Model 172R is certified to the requirements of U.S. FAA Federal Aviation Regulation Part 23 through amendment 23-6, including day, night, VFR and IFR.