N9947C-extOur 1978 Cessna 182RG N9947C is a terrific cross country performer. This complex aircraft has a higher useful load and true airspeed than our trainers and is ideal for longer distance trips or just getting there fast. We regularly see true airspeeds in excess of 153kts!

The 182RG makes a fantastic training aircraft for the pilot working towards a commercial rating or certified flight instructor rating. Furthermore, with a 235 horsepower Lycoming O-540 engine, N9947C  has no shortage of power and will earn you a high performance sign-off in your logbook. Who doesn’t want that?

If you’d like more information specific to N9947C, check out the Pilot Downloads page.

N9947C is a beautifully ‘restored’ 1978 182RG that has recently received a number of upgrades, including:

  • N9947C-cockpitGarmin GNS 530/430 NAV/COMM/GPS stack
  • NEXRAD weather radar datalink
  • Recessed instrument panel lighting
  • Sleek, glossy new paint (adds at least 2kts!)
  • Matte, black aluminum instrument panel
Perfomance Cruise (55% power @ 10000′)
range 860nm
duration (with 45 mins reserve) 4.5 hrs
Performance Cruise (75% power @8000′)
range 750nm
duration 3.6hr
Engine: Avco Lycoming O-540J3C5D
235 BHP @ 2400 RPM
Propeller: 3 blade Constant Speed diameter: 82in
Rate of climb (sea level): 1120ft/min
Max at sea level 143kts
Cruise (75% power @ 8000′) 156kts
Stall Speed, IAS
Flaps Up, power on 42kts
Flaps Down, power off 37kts
Takeoff Performance (Sea Level/Std Day)
Takeoff Distance (Ground Roll) 820ft
Total distance over 50′ obstacle 1570ft
Landing Performance
Ground Roll 600ft
Total distance over 50′ obstacle 1355ft
Wing Loading 17.8lb/ sq. ft.
Power Loading 13.2 lb/hp