N727LF-ExteriorLanier Flight Center’s Piper Seminole N727LF is a PA44-180 available for multi-engine training and for rental by approved customers.

If you’re in need of a multiengine rating or just need to build some of that elusive multiengine time, you can do it affordably with N727LF.

N727LF is well equipped with two Garmin 430 GPS units for your flying pleasure. With 5 hours of fuel duration, and a cruise of about 155 knots, the Seminole makes a great cross country flying machine.

If you’d like more information specific to N727LF, check out the Pilot Downloads page.

N727LF-cockpitPiper Seminole Performance

English Metric
Perfomance Cruise (55% power @ 10000′)
range 820nm
duration (with 45 mins reserve) 5.1 hrs
Performance Cruise (75% power @8000′)
range 690nm
duration 4.26hr
Left Engine: Lycoming O-360E1A6D
Right Engine: Lycoming VO-360E1A6D
180 BHP @ 2700 RPM
Propeller: 2 blade Constant Speed diameter: 74in.
Rate of climb Both Engines (sea level): 1225ft/min
Rate of climb Single Engine (sea level): 200ft/min
Service Ceiling Both Engines: 15000ft
Service Ceiling Single Engine: 3200ft
Absolute Ceiling Both Engines: 17100ft
Absolute Ceiling Single Engine: 4500ft
Max at sea level 170kts
Cruise (75% power @ 8000′) 163kts
Stall Speed, IAS
Flaps Up, power on 57kts
Flaps Down, power off 55kts
Takeoff Performance (Sea Level/Std Day)
Accelerate and Stop Distance 2250ft
Takeoff Distance (Ground Roll) 1325ft
Total distance over 50′ obstacle 2100ft
Landing Performance
Ground Roll 585ft
Total distance over 50′ obstacle 1190ft
Wing Loading 21.1lb/sq. ft.
Power Loading 10.55lb/hp