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Good News from the Lanier Seaplane Pilots Association

With summer approaching, many of us in the aviation community will enjoy longer daylight hours for both flying and water sports, and if we are lucky enough to experience the perfect marriage of both, we’ll make some water landings!

The Lanier Seaplane Pilots Association is pleased to announce that the effort that began in June 2013 to open Lake Sidney Lanier for seaplane compatibility is making progress.

For those who are new to our updates, the LSPA is a group of like-minded pilots and aviation enthusiasts who would like to share the waterways in north Georgia, specifically Lake Sidney Lanier, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-managed lake.  The LSPA opened communications with the USACE in 2013 which led to the submittal of an Environmental Assessment to the Corps, and the retention of United Consulting, a geotechnical engineering and environmental services group.  Thanks to the wonderful work of LSPA team members and United Consulting firm’s dedication in addressing the USACE’s responses to the LSPA Environmental Assessment, the ball is moving down the field.

Last week, United Consulting received encouraging news that the USACE Buford Office Operations Project Manager stated that the revised LSPA Environmental Assessment was being reviewed and evaluated for where to be included in the overall Lake Lanier Project Master Plan Update.   This openness has been typical of the communication with the USACE local office, and has continued to be the reason that Seaplane Pilots Association Georgia Field Director, Troy Wheeler, says, “It’s a positive sign.  They are open and working with us.”

Thank you for continuing to be a Friend of Our Effort.  We look forward to sharing updates as they are available.