Pipistrel Distribution Center By Textron eAviation

Pipistrel Aircraft Distribution Center at Lanier Flight Center

Lanier Flight Center is proud to be the United States Distributor for Textron’s newest aviation company, Pipistrel Aviation. It is not hyperbole to describe Pipistrel as by far the most innovative family of general aviation aircraft perhaps ever introduced to the US market. If you are taken aback by this claim, wait until you discover a Pipistrel for yourself.

Decades of Innovation
Pipistrel leveraged their passion developed 30 years ago for personal flight into a world-leader providing advanced aviation technologies. They are the prototypical company that prioritizes can over cannot, revolutionary over mere evolutionary and thoughts into action. They are the pioneers that introduced composite structures to micro flight and light sport aircraft. They are the first to achieve electric-powered flight in two and four seat aircraft. They are the first to provide a government certified electric aircraft to the general public. And along the way, they have been recognized by both European and US government agencies for providing exceptional aviation technology and products.

Prepare to be Amazed
Your first impression walking up to a Pipistrel is likely to be growing amazement. Their expertise in aerodynamics and composite materials manufacturing results in what appears to be a sculptured piece of art, cheating the wind of every last bit of drag and resistance it can. Touching the aircraft with your hands, you will sense the craftmanship of things working in uncanny harmony with each other. Doors, latches, switches and controls all have that quality of attention to detail everyone craves. By now, you are starting to get the idea.

21st Century Design and Systems
Slide into a Pipistrel and discover how you have instantaneously become one with the airplane. All the controls fall readily to hand. The visibility is not just good, but outstanding. By now, you might not be surprised to find the latest in avionics looking back at you. And they are, including in aircraft others call “basic.” The key benefit to all this high-tech avionics is safety, because they make the act of piloting easier. Then Pipistrel ups the ante with safety equipment employed by only a handful of other aircraft manufacturers.

Leading Edge Safety Technology
Pipistrel provides whole plane ballistic parachute systems in almost everything they build. All have rugged safety cell passenger compartments and energy absorbing seats. Most have haptic “stick shaker” controls to warn of an impending stall, reading from angle of attack and not airspeed indicators. Airbrakes sit on the wings to help with descents and short landing distances. We at Lanier sincerely believe the Pipistrel line of training aircraft will change the dynamic of flight training and make it safer than it has ever been.

Pipistrel’s Fly as Beautifully as They Look
All this innovation is just a taste of what you will experience flying a Pipistrel. It is likely you will never forget and forever cherish how a Pipistrel flies. The benefits to all that attention to aerodynamic excellence becomes readily apparent. It is responsive to control inputs, as if it is connected to your thoughts. It is uncannily quiet with the slipstream slipping and not roaring around you. And of course, everyone will get a big wide grin when they see how fast they are going and how little fuel they are burning to do it. That is, of course, in their internal combustion engine aircraft. Their electric powered aircraft are a quantum leap upward in efficiency and quietness.

By now, you hopefully can understand how excited and honored we are at Lanier Flight Center to be selected to introduce Pipistrel to the Southeastern Region United States. We look forward to helping your aviation dreams leap upward to reality.