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SkyCatcher, Learn To Fly For Less

Flying Magazine - SkycatcherThe Cessna SkyCatcher was featured in the December issue of Flying Magazine for it’s best attribute…affordable flying. With the SkyCatcher, you can learn to fly for less in a well-equipped, modern aircraft. The Cessna 162 SkyCatcher is a two seat Light Sport Airplane with a max takeoff weight of 1320 lb, a cruise of about 100 knots, and a starting price of only $112,250.

The cost of renting or buying the SkyCatcher is the lowest we’ve seen for any new training aircraft yet. This new affordability will open doors to more future pilots who have a dream of flying, but have been hesitating due to the high costs. Now, instead of flying in an old beaten up trainer, you can fly in a new, well equipped, SkyCatcher with a glass cockpit for the same operating cost if not less.

With the SkyCatcher, Cessna has shown that it will never give up it’s role of teaching the world to fly, and I think all we pilots appreciate that. Check out the Flying Magazine article for yourself and you’ll learn even more about the revolutionary SkyCatcher.