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Purchase A Gift Certificate TodayGifts made easy…buy a flight-time gift certificate for that special pilot in your life. Whether they’re just getting started at learning to fly or already have their pilot’s license, pilots need flight hours. If you know an aviation enthusiast that’s never tried piloting an airplane, a Discovery flight might be a great gift for them. Gift certificates are available in whatever denomination you decide and can be redeemed for flight or instruction time or retail sales in our pilot shop.

You can use our online gift certificate purchase tool to buy a discovery flight or a longer, more comprehensive ‘Introductory First Lesson for yourself or someone else.

Share the gift of flight with your loved ones, register for a flight today! Fill out the form below to get started at purchasing your gift certificate. Here is the Gift Certificates we provide.

Gift of Flight Packages

Lanier Flight Center is pleased to offer gift of flights for secure online purchase using your Amex, Discover, Master Card, or Visa.

Discovery Flight for Two - $325

Includes 80 minutes of flight time in a C172 G1000. This package is designed for two Pilots and includes the opportunity for both individuals to fly left seat. After your preflight walk-around you’ll take to the skies in our new Cessna airplane and take a trip to a near by airfield and land. Then switch seats and fly back. These make great gifts for loved ones who have expressed an interest in aviation and want to learn more about flying. The Discovery Flight is designed to be a short, inexpensive introduction to flying lessons that will give you the chance to meet our instructors, get familiar with the aircraft and airport environment and take the controls yourself.

Introductory First Lesson – $275

A full one hour of your first 172SP flight lesson (logable flight time). Or, flight over beautiful Lake Lanier or nearby areas of your choice. A FUN FLIGHT! Take pictures, enjoy the view…Tax included. $275

182 G1000 Lesson or Sightseeing – $390

A one hour flight over beautiful Lake Lanier or nearby areas of your choice. A FUN FLIGHT! (The 182T is more powerful and can take more passengers than the 172SP). Take pictures, enjoy the view….Tax included. $390

172SP Five Hour Lesson Package – $1500

GREAT DEAL! Special Package pricing includes Cessna Private Pilot Kit and FIVE hours flight time lessons with a flight instructor in a G1000 172SP. A great way for someone to get a wonderful start on a private pilot or advanced rating. $1500.

Flight Time Gift Certificate – $200.00

Your pilot recipient can apply your gift towards flight time and/or pilot shop purchases at his or her’s discretion. A thoughtful gift to help pilots accomplish their flying goals. $200.00

Pilot Shop Gift Certificate – $75.00

Your pilot gift recipient can apply towards purchase of aviation text books, maps and supplies in our Pilot Shop. A most appreciated gift!

Custom Gift Certificate – Enter Other Amount At Your Discretion

If you do not wish to purchase a package, you may enter an amount of your choosing.
Learn to fly at Lanier Flight Center! Buying a new Cessna aircraft? Ask for a demonstration ride. Lanier Flight Center is your authorized Cessna aircraft dealer for Georgia-Alabama! The sky is calling…It’s for you!

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at or give us a call at (678) 989-2395.

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