Lanier Flight Training

Introductory Flight

If you’re interested in learning to fly, the absolute best way to get started is by joining us on an introductory flight. During the experience, one of our expert instructors will walk you through every step of pre-flight and boarding before taking you up air for a one-hour flight.

From pre-flight checks, to clearing the flight for takeoff with air traffic controllers, this experience will give you the perfect insight into everything involved with getting a plane in the air.  Those who leave from our Gainesville location will take in the sites of Lake Lanier and the distant Atlanta skyline. Meanwhile, those who take off from DeKalb-Peachtree may fly right over Atlanta and surrounding areas, such as Stone Mountain.

We offer solo introductory flights, as well as an introductory flight for two. Both flights allow hopeful pilots to learn the basics of flying, while being in a hands on environment.

Discovery Flights – $275

This one-hour flight provides a great experience for the novice pilot, as those interested will be allowed time in control of the plane once in the air. And the time spent with our top-level instructors may be applied toward flight training hours.

Discovery Flight for Two – $325

This 80-minute flight allows the opportunity for two novice pilots to log time in the left seat, in control of our C172 G1000 Cessna. Pilots, under guidance from an instructor, will take off, fly to a destination, land, swap seats and fly back.


Purchase a solo introductory flight or discovery flight for two and get started on your pilot journey today.


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