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Lanier Flight Center operates a fleet of Cessna and other popular aircraft perfectly suited for primary and advanced flight training. Thanks to our meticulous Director of Maintenance, and team of FAA licensed mechanics, you can rest assured that each plane is in top flying shape. In fact, our maintenance standards exceed that required for Cessna’s Phase Card Inspection program.

Our Fleet:

cessna skycatcher at airport Cessna 162 Skycatcher with Garmin 300 N5204U

The optimal plane for sport pilot training, the 162 Skycatcher is also great for private pilot training and satisfies current FAA UAV pilot training requirements. Powered by a Continental O-200 engine with 100 horsepower, the Skycatcher can cruise at speeds as high as 118kts. It also features a Garmin G300 avionics suite, specifically designed for this aircraft. The C162 also includes the "stoke" design, which combines the characteristics of the yoke and stick.

1974 Cessna 150L N11351

Our Newest Addition The 1974 Cessna 150L aircraft equipped with the standard 6 pack gauges and a Garmin 396 GPS. A perfect aircraft for building time for you commercial or even come out and get you Private pilot license in it. Powered by a Continental O-200-A with 100 horsepower. Come Check her out!

Cessna 172S with Garmin 650 N393ES / N109TJ / N2132W / N1006V

The Skyhawk SP aircraft with NAV II standard gauges provides a perfect training platform for private and instrument pilot certificates. This plane is equipped with KLN 94 color GPS, King KMD-550 multi-function display and Garmin 650 autopilot.

Cessna 172S G1000 with GFC700 AP Cessna 172S G1000 with GFC700 AP N1129C / N291HW / N623KW

This plane, equipped with the Garmin G1000 NAV III glass cockpit, offers the premier flight training experience. The G1000 integrates all primary flight, engine, sensor, and navigation data to provide an intuitive display of all necessary information. A secure GFC700 autopilot makes for easier cross-country flights. And this Skyhawk also features two, full-color, 10.4-inch, active-matrix LCD displays to improve aviation safety.

pilot flying piper arrow Piper Arrow PA-28R-200 N6238J

Our 1976 Piper Arrow II is the perfect option for a cross-country flight. Featuring a higher useful load and true airspeed than our trainers, this plane is optimal for complex endorsement. It is a great option for pilots training for a commercial or certified flight instructor rating.

Cessna 182RG Cessna 182RG N9947C

This is the perfect plane for weekend getaways. It is fast, reliable and equipped with dual Garmin 430s that include an autopilot feature designed to let you fly with ease.

Piper Seminole PA-44-180 Piper Seminole PA-44-180 N727LF

Our Piper Seminole is available for multi-engine training and rental by approved customers. It presents an affordable option for pilots in need of multi-engine hours. It is also equipped with Garmin 430 and 650 GPS units to aid your pursuits.

Flight Training Simulators


This FAA approved simulator is invaluable as a ground trainer for those pilots questing their instrumental or commercial ratings. Pilots may log 20 hours in simulated instrument conditions and 50 hours toward commercial certificates. This allows perspective pilots to save costs while receiving cutting-edge training.

Rental Rates of each plane
Lanier Flight Center Aircraft Rates:

Analog Avionics / Light Sport Training Aircraft

          1974 Cessna 150L: N11351- This month only: Prepay $110, Walk-in: $140

2011 Cessna Skycatcher LSA: N5204U — Prepay: $140, Walk-in: $180

1997 Cessna 172SP: N393ES — Prepay: $185, Walk-in: $220
2001 Cessna 172SP: N109TJ — Prepay: $185, Walk-in: $220
2003 Cessna 172SP: N2132W — Prepay: $185, Walk-in: $220
2005 Cessna 172SP: N1006V — Prepay: $185, Walk-in: $220

Technically Advanced Training Aircraft
2012 Cessna 172SP G1000: N61942 — Prepay: $260, Walk-in: $300
2013 Cessna 172SP G1000: N623KW — Prepay: $260, Walk-in: $300
2018 Cessna 172SP G1000Nxi: N1129C — Prepay: $260, Walk-in: $300

Complex / High Performance / Multi Engine Training Aircraft
1976 Piper Arrow II: N6238J — Prepay: $185, Walk-in: $225
1978 Cessna 182RG: N9947C — Prepay: $250, Walk-in: $325
Piper Seminole Twin Engine: N727LF — Prepay: $450, Walk-in: $550

Aircraft Training Simulators

ELITE RC1 Simulator: Prepay: $65, Walk-in: $75

          ALSIM AL172 Simulator: Prepay: $100, Walk-in: $100

Rental rates of instructors

Flight Instructor — Prepay: $80, Walk-in: $90

Assistant Chief Flight Instructor – Prepay: $90, Walk-in: $100
Chief Flight Instructor — Prepay: $100, Walk-in: $110

IFR/Advanced Instruction — Instructor rate plus $5
Multi-Engine Instruction — Instructor rate plus $20
Owner Aircraft Instruction — Prepay: $95, Walk-in: $105

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