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Come join us at Lanier Flight Center and get your Gift of Flight!  Call us at 678.989.2395 (KGVL) or 770.457.1270 (KPDK) and our friendly team will be glad to set up your Discovery Flight.

Your Gift of Flight is redeemable for an entire year at either of our convenient Atlanta area locations and is sure to bring a lifetime of memories!  Your solution for memorable gifting is just a few clicks away!

Whether you are taking the first step toward your private pilot’s certificate or finishing your professional ratings, Lanier Flight Center has everything you need.  From the industry’s best flight instructors flying the newest fleet in Georgia to on-site FAA Physician and FAA Airman Knowledge Tests, we are your one-stop destination.

Lanier Flight Center offers concierge level Aircraft Management providing solutions to meet your specific needs.  Choose from pilot crew, aircraft maintenance and cleaning, database updates, hangar storage and repositioning, fueling, recurrent training, and more.  We take care of your Aircraft Management needs so that your personal fleet is ready for the next adventure.

How does making your business travel connections without managing parking logistics and waiting in long security lines at the airport sound?  How about making a weekend hop to the beach without spending one third of it driving with kids in the backseat?  Let Lanier Flight Express take the stress out of your travel needs and receive the attentiveness you deserve on your next trip.  See Atlanta Air Charter and contact Lanier Flight Express to find out more.

Learn to Fly

Lanier Flight Center is your one-stop destination for flight training in the Atlanta area.

  • Set-Up an Introductory Flight

    The best introduction to your pilot training is an Introductory Flight.  Enjoy time on the controls experiencing what your flight training will be in our state-of-the art aircraft with our  expert FAA instructors.

  • Our Fleet

    As a Cessna Pilot Center, Lanier Flight Center is an Atlanta flight school that operates a fleet of Cessna and other late model aircraft perfectly suited to primary through advanced flight training.  Our airplanes are very well-maintained according to Cessna’s Phase Card Inspection program and are under our in-house maintenance supervision.

  • Rates & Pricing

    As a Cessna Pilot Center, you’ll receive quality flight training using Cessna’s top quality instruction curriculum.  The competency of Lanier Flight Center’s flight training program is reflected in our higher-than-average checkride pass rates and shorter-than-average training periods.

  • Cessna Pilot Center

    What distinguishes Lanier Flight Center flight training from other Atlanta flight schools? Lanier Flight Center is an authorized Cessna Pilot Center (CPC), so you know exactly what to expect…top notch instructors, a proven curriculum, and an effective training system.

  • FAA Airmen Physicals

    At Lanier Flight Center, we bring the doctor’s office to you!  We are proud to offer on-site FAA Airmen Physicals with Atlanta Acute Care.  That means less time getting your medical and more time flying!

  • FAA Airmen Knowledge Test

    Lanier Flight Center is one of the few places in the Atlanta area that provide in-house PSI Lasergrade FAA testing.  Let us help you take the stress out of your tests by calling 678.989.2395 and schedule to take your FAA Airmen Knowledge Test today.

Atlanta Flight Training

  • Sport Pilot Training

    Lanier Flight Center offers the best sport pilot training in the Atlanta area.  Our sport pilot training can help you earn your sport pilot certification to pilot Light Sport Aircraft—which earns you the privilege to fly some of the most fun, most versatile aircraft in the sky.

  • Private Pilot Training

    Lanier Flight Center is the leading private pilot training center in Atlanta.  Our students earn their private pilot certifications in an average 53 hours of total flight time, which represents a huge time and cost savings over the national average.

  • Instrument Rating Training

    If you’ve got your private pilot’s license and are ready to earn your instrument rating, Lanier Flight Center is the Cessna Pilot Center that can help.  And our reliable new Cessna aircraft are well-equipped with cutting edge technology in the cockpit to make your instrument training a comfortable and fun experience.

  • Commercial Pilot Training

    Do you already have your private pilot and instrument rating?  Time your put your flying experience to work and get your commercial pilot certificate!  The commercial certificate will allow you to fly (in limited scenarios) passengers and/or cargo for hire.  This is the first step toward becoming a professional pilot.

  • Multiengine Rating

    Are you thinking that two engines are better than one?  If you would like to earn your multiengine rating or need to build multiengine time, Lanier Flight center can help.  We have a nicely maintained 1978 Piper Seminole to affordably meet your multiengine training or time building needs.

Atlanta Air Charter

Avoid the crowds and the lines. Relax and enjoy the ride with your own air charter.

Our Air Charter features a Cessna CitationJet that will cruise at 380 knots with six passengers, and has a 1250 nautical mile range.

New and Pre-Owned Aircraft for Sale

Having the freedom to board your own airplane and takeoff for new horizons is within reach at Lanier Flight Center.  Whether you are in the market for new or pre-owned aircraft, let us put our decades of experience to work for you.  Below is a representation of some of the aircraft we can help you own.  For these and more, call us at 678.989.2395, email us at, or fill-out the form below.  We look forward to helping you find the perfect aircraft for your cockpit view!

Interested in buying new or pre-owned aircraft?  We are here to help!


Cessna 172S Skyhawk

Range ~ 640 nm
Max Cruise Speed ~ 124 ktas
Seats 4 People ~ Useful Load 917 lbs
Takeoff Distance ~ 1630 ft

Cessna 182T Skylane

Range ~ 1360 nm
Max Cruise Speed ~ 156 ktas
Seats 4 People ~ Useful Load 1018 lbs
Takeoff Distance ~ 1385 ft


Cessna T206H Stationair

Range ~ 703 nm
Max Cruise Speed ~ 164 ktas
Seats 6 People ~ Useful Load ~ 1281 lbs
Takeoff Distance ~ 1740 ft


Cessna TTx

Range ~ 1250 nm
Max Cruise Speed ~ 235 ktas
Seats 4 People ~ Useful Load 1000 lbs
Takeoff Distance ~ 1900 ft

Beechcraft Bonanza G36

Range ~ 920 nm
Max Cruise Speed ~ 176 ktas
Seats 6 People  ~ Useful Load 1038 lbs
Takeoff Distance ~962 ft

Beechcraft Baron G58

Range ~ 1480 nm
Max Cruise Speed ~ 202 ktas
Seats 6 People ~ Useful Load 1494 lbs
Takeoff Distance ~ 1373 ft

Atlanta Aircraft Management

Let Lanier Flight Center take care of everything.

Flying News

Our Locations

Lanier Flight Center has two locations in North Georgia including one at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (KGVL) in Gainesville, Georgia and another at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK) in Atlanta, Georgia.  For more information about Lanier Flight Center, call us at 678.989.2395 (KGVL) or 770.457.1270 (KPDK).

Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (KGVL)

DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK)

By Air
Flight Planner at
See SkyVector Chart
By Air
Flight Planner at
View SkyVector Chart
KGVL Metar
KGVL 251553Z AUTO 30015G24KT 10SM -RA FEW030 06/M01 A3008 RMK AO2 SLP187 P0000 T00561011

15:53 UTC

Wind: 300° 15kt

Visibility: 10 SM

Sky: FEW 3000 ft

Temp: 6 deg C / 42.8 deg F

Dewpoint: -1 deg C / 30.2 deg F

Pressure: 30.08 inHg


Gainesville, Gilmer Memorial Airport, GA

Last Updated on Jan 25 2020, 10:53 am EST

Current Conditions: Light Rain


Temp: 42°F

Wind: NW at 17mph

Humidity: 62%

Windchill: 34°F

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance

KPDK Metar
KPDK 251553Z 29013G19KT 10SM SCT029 05/M01 A3011 RMK AO2 SLP207 T00501011

15:53 UTC

Wind: 290° 13kt

Visibility: 10 SM

Sky: SCT 2900 ft

Temp: 5 deg C / 41 deg F

Dewpoint: -1 deg C / 30.2 deg F

Pressure: 30.11 inHg

KPDK 251558Z 2516/2612 29010G18KT P6SM BKN030 FM251900 29010KT P6SM SCT040 FM252300 29007KT P6SM SCT200
Pireps (5)
ATL UA /OV FINAL RWY 26R/TM 1606/FL2600/TP MD88/SK BKN038/WX 5/TA 5/WV 300013
ATL UA /OV RYY126015/TM 1523/FL050/TP C172/WV -4/IC LGT RIME


Atlanta, De Kalb-Peachtree Airport, GA

Last Updated on Jan 25 2020, 10:53 am EST

Current Conditions: Partly Cloudy


Temp: 41°F

Wind: West at 15mph

Humidity: 65%

Windchill: 33°F

Your 5-Day Forecast at a Glance