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Aircraft Maintenance

If you own an aircraft, you already understand that maintenance is key to both safety and efficiency. At Lanier Aircraft Maintenance we make it our job to keep your airplane in perfect flying condition.

Let us do the work for you so that you’re ready for takeoff at your convenience.

Our team of FAA-licensed technicians can handle all of your maintenance, repair, or upgrade needs. From LSA to small business jets we are ready to care for your plane so that you’re not caught scrambling for help or looking for a mechanic at the last minute.

Led by our Director of Maintenance and co-owner Paul Kyst, A&P, IA, ATP, CFI, Lanier Aircraft Maintenance will treat your turbine- and/or piston-powered aircraft as if it was our own. We understand the consistent upkeep and attention to detail required in a safety-conscious industry and have the know-how to keep you worry-free. We also understand that time in the shop is time not spent in the air, so we do our utmost to expedite the process and get your plane ready in efficient manner — without ever sacrificing quality or safety.

To learn more about Lanier Aircraft Maintenance, contact us today 470-691-0305, or email Paul at

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