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Private Pilot

If you want the freedom to take to the skies at your leisure, you need to begin pursuit of a Private Pilot’s certificate.

Thanks in part to our Cessna Pilot Center designation Lanier Flight Center offers trainees a combination of knowledge, safety, affordability, and access that streamlines the learning process and gets you up in the sky as quickly as possible.

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours total flight time for a Private Pilot certification. The Cessna Pilot Center’s average to earn the certification, however, is 53 hours. Making Lanier Flight Students able to earn their certifications in an average of 53 hours. We attribute this to a number of factors, including:

  • A dedicated, full-time staff of professional instructors who work under the close supervision of senior pilots with thousands of hours experience at the highest levels.
  • A fleet made up of virtually brand-new planes that can serve all the needs of our students
  • In-house maintenance performed on-site at Gainesville’s Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport by FAA certified mechanics — a commitment to excellence that keeps our fleet safe and flying.

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