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Cessna Aircraft For Sale

Lanier Flight Center is your source for Cessna Aircraft sales, with the complete line of Cessna single engine aircraft from the Skyhawk to the new TTx. Not sure which Cessna aircraft is right for you? Schedule an aircraft demo flight and find out today. Lanier Flight Center is proud to be the Cessna Authorized Sales Representative for Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Atlanta Flight SchoolCessna Pilot Center

Whether you are thinking about getting your private pilot’s certificate or pursuing advanced flight training, Lanier Flight Center has everything you’ll need under one roof. With top notch flight instructors, cutting edge Cessna Aircraft, and all the pilot resources you’ll ever need, Lanier Flight Center can help you reach your flight training goals efficiently. Lanier Flight Center has the distinction of being designated by Cessna as a provider of factory authorized flight training according to the FAA Industry Training Standards (FITS). As a Cessna Pilot Center, we are proud to offer the Cessna Flight Training System, a Cessna-exclusive curriculum that makes becoming a pilot easier than ever.  If you’d like to try flying, schedule an  Introductory Flight. Introductory Flights also make a great gift for those who have an interest in aviation.

Our Locations

Lanier Flight Center has two locations in North Georgia including one at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport (KGVL) in Gainesville, GA and another at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK) in Atlanta, GA. For more information about our Lanier Flight Center, give us a call at KGVL (678) 989-2395 or KPDK (770) 457-1270.

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    Latest Flying News

    Cessna Discover Flying Challenge Lights-Up the Fly-In Cessna Discover Flying Challenge Lights-Up the Fly-In

    In the bright sunlight at the 45th Annual Cracker Fly-In there weren’t any firecrackers, but the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge Pilots were lighting up the sky all day!  For the 17 people who flew with Zach Floto, Daniel Tou, and Alex Krochin, Saturday’s event left a trail of smiles that will shine all summer. In its third year, the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge is touring... Read More

    45th Annual Cracker Fly-In is THIS Saturday, July 5th! 45th Annual Cracker Fly-In is THIS Saturday, July 5th!

    We are excited to announce the 45th Annual CRACKER FLY-IN at Lee Gilmer Memorial Airport on Saturday, July 5th! Aircraft from pre-WWII to the latest in experimental flying machines will be on display!  Join your friends from Lanier Flight Center and EAA Chapter 611 for a full day of family fun! Come for the Pancake Breakfast at 7:30am and stay for a WACO biplane or a Huey or... Read More

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    Pilot Accomplishments

    Manuel Robles – Private Pilot Certificate (07/28/14) Manuel Robles – Private Pilot Certificate (07/28/14)

    Manuel Robles earned two thumbs-up from his instructor Jesse Leftwich and FAA DPE Ben Carr when he became Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT on Monday, July 28!  Manuel’s hard work and commitment throughout his training at KPDK paid-off, and all of us at LFC wish him blue skies.  WAY TO GO, MANUEL! Be Sociable, Share! ... Read More

    Wes Jordan – First Solo (07/26/14) Wes Jordan – First Solo (07/26/14)

    It was a perfect Saturday to fly, and Wes Jordan did it with his instructor, Derek Metro, watching from the ground!  Join Derek and all of us at Lanier a Flight Center in celebrating Wes’ FIRST SOLO FLIGHT in Cessna Skyhawk N109TJ on July 26 on Runway 26 at KFTY!  Wes’ determination and great attitude will see him holding a Private Pilot certificate soon!  GREAT JOB, WES! Be... Read More

    Ben Brownlow – Sport Pilot Certificate (07/25/14) Ben Brownlow – Sport Pilot Certificate (07/25/14)

    Join all of us at Lanier Flight Center in applauding Ben Brownlow for becoming our newest SPORT PILOT on July 25!  Ben flew Cessna Skycatcher N70252 to KFGU with his instructor, Jesse Leftwich, to meet with FAA DPE Ben Carr.  The two Ben’s returned from a successful practical test, and the rest is history!  CONGRATULATIONS, BEN! Be Sociable, Share! ... Read More

    Cole Bobbitt – First Solo (07/23/14) Cole Bobbitt – First Solo (07/23/14)

    The only thing brighter than the sun was Cole Bobbitt’s smile as he completed three beautiful landings during his FIRST SOLO FLIGHT on July 23!  His instructor, Jon Owens, along with his family, proudly watched Cole fly Cessna Skyhawk N2132W into the summer sky.  Cole will be a great Private Pilot soon!  WAY TO GO, COLE! Be Sociable, Share! ... Read More

    Karen Atkins – Private Pilot Certificate (07/22/14) Karen Atkins – Private Pilot Certificate (07/22/14)

    It’s time to celebrate!  On Tuesday, July 22, Karen Atkins joined the ranks of PRIVATE PILOT when she soared through her check ride with FAA DPE Ben Carr at KFGU in Tennessee!  Karen’s instructor, Jesse Leftwich, enjoyed Karen’s dedication and enthusiasm throughout her training at KPDK, and leads all of us at Lanier Flight Center in saying, “GREAT JOB, KAREN!” Be... Read More

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