Lanier Flight Express Expands Private Aircraft Charter Fleet into the Mid-size Market

Lanier Flight Express a Private Aircraft Management and Charter Company out of Gainesville and Atlanta Georgia have acquired a Citation XLS to further expand their Fleet into the Mid-size jet category. With the purchase of this aircraft will allow Lanier to have a well rounded fleet of airplanes to choose from. Lanier Flight Express’s Fleet will range from the Citation CJ1, Citation CJ3, and the Citation XLS.

“With the addition of the Citation XLS, will open the door to opportunities for our customers to travel further distances comfortably and get them to their desired destinations on time. It’s just as easy as showing up to the airport walking through our doors and hopping on the jet.” says Grayson Verhoven, Vice President of Lanier Flight Express and Lanier Flight Center.

Lanier Prides themselves on providing one of the cleanest and nicest fleet of airplanes. Lanier Flight Express’s track record shows little to no cancellations and will do what it takes to get their customers to the destination safetly.

It is no surprise that Lanier has a soft spot for the Cessna Product line from the Cessna Skyhawk in their flight school fleet all the way up to their now acquired Citation XLS.

With the addition of their Citation XLS, Lanier Flight Express has decided to further improve the safety of their aircraft by upgrading the flight deck to the Garmin G5000 – as well as the latest in Garmin flight displays and touchscreen controllers for flight deck management. And it provides advanced situational awareness tools that streamline cockpit operations and add significant new capabilities to the aircraft. This Improvement will further increase their productivity and dependability.

The Citation XLS is also equipped with fast free Wifi, a brand new interior, and a fresh coat of paint!

For those interested in booking an aircraft with Lanier Flight Express you can contact us at (678) 989-2395, or click the “Book Now” button below

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