Set Up Discovery FlightAs a Cessna Pilot Center, Lanier Flight Center is the best Atlanta Flying Club in North Georgia, and participating in our club is a great way to promote general aviation and enjoy fellowship among our clients.  It’s one way we give back to our regular customers who make our business possible.

Atlanta Flying Club Benefits:

  • Member Initiation is $250, Monthly Dues are $59*.
  • Rental Insurance is required prior to Solo Flight.
  • Flying Club members have access to the LFC online scheduler and can conveniently check aircraft and instructor availability and schedule flights online.
  • Members enjoy 10-15% discount on aircraft and instruction!
  • Take 10% off all purchases in our Pilot Shop!
  • Participate in organized Flying Club events and flying trips!

If you’re thinking about working towards your Private Pilot’s License, being a part of a flying club is a great way to go.  In addition to getting the great discounts, you’ll also have a supportive network of other pilots and instructors to help you all the way through your ratings.

For more information about Atlanta Flight Training at Lanier Flight Center’s Atlanta Flying Club, contact us today!

*Flying Club Membership may be cancelled at any time with request in writing; previously billed dues are non-refundable.