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Bruce Mistarz – Private Pilot Certificate (01/29/18)

It would take a lot more than gusting winds to blow Bruce Mistarz off course during his check-ride! It was blustery outside, but Bruce remained calm and focused inside, decisively becoming Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT! Bruce’s instructor, Chuck Padgett, truly enjoyed working with him, and complimented Bruce’s good judgement and piloting skills. Please […]

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Rodrigo Meade – Private Pilot Certificate (01/13/18)

Whether it’s studying to become a doctor or competing in collegiate sports, Rodrigo Meade knows how to set goals and go after them! As Lanier Flight Center’s newest PRIVATE PILOT, the sky’s the limit for Rodrigo! His instructor, Rex Smith, couldn’t be prouder of his check-ride success, and says Rodrigo is eager to pursue his […]

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Tanner Jorgensen – Sport Pilot Certificate (01/03/18)

Through weather delays and multiple logistical challenges of rescheduling his check ride, Tanner Jorgensen hunkered-down and persevered with a humble decisive optimism! And it’s no coincidence that Lanier Flight Center’s first pilot accomplishment of 2018 emulated the winning attitude of his college culture— the national championship contending Georgia Bulldogs! Tanner came prepared for every lesson, […]

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