In the bright sunlight at the 45th Annual Cracker Fly-In there weren’t any firecrackers, but the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge Pilots were lighting up the sky all day!  For the 17 people who flew with Zach Floto, Daniel Tou, and Alex Krochin, Saturday’s event left a trail of smiles that will shine all summer.

In its third year, the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge is touring the country bringing the joy of aviation to air shows, fly-ins, and open houses at dozens of airfields near you.  Each year, Cessna chooses the ‘cream of the crop’ out of a field of bright young aviators in their final stages of college aviation programs to share the thrill of flight on behalf of the world’s leader in flight training and general aviation aircraft.  Lucky event attendees find themselves departing terra firma in the cockpit of a brand new Cessna Skyhawk equipped with the latest technology.  This past Saturday, more than a few decided to become a pilot, and not just a passenger.

Many thanks to Zach, Daniel, and Alex, from your friends at Lanier Flight Center for helping to make our 11th fly-in at KGVL the best ever!  Blue skies and bright futures, Guys!

Read more about the Cessna Discover Flying Challenge at www.cessna.com/dfc.

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