Now through June 30, 2013, take delivery of a new Mustang and fly it free of direct operating costs for the first three years of ownership.

Fly for Free until 2016*:

• Fuel allowance for 36 months

• ProParts®, ProTech® and PowerAdvantage+® maintenance program enrollment for the first three years or 450 flight hours

Our commitment to the Citation Mustang stands firm. This single-pilot certified aircraft features the Garmin G1000® avionics packages, ample cabin class seating for up to five passengers, a cruising speed of 340 knots and a range of 1,150 nautical miles. With the Mustang’s superior reliability, low operating costs, strong residual value and our award-winning worldwide service network you can count on Cessna and the Citation Mustang to take you where you need to go.

To request more information about the versatility of the Citation Mustang and how you can take advantage of our fuel allowance and maintenance coverage, please contact us at 1.800.4.Cessna (US) +1.316.517.6056 (International) or visit

*Offer valid only for Cessna-approved purchase agreements for new Mustang aircraft delivered before June 30, 2013. ProParts, ProTech and PowerAdvantage+ maintenance coverages are applicable for three years or 450 flight hours, whichever occurs first. ProParts, ProTech and PowerAdvantage+ coverages are subject to written program terms and conditions, which are available upon request. Fuel allowance will be included as a fixed cash allowance against the final aircraft purchase price (calculated by Cessna based on the Average Annual Mustang Usage Rate, Average Fuel Burn Rate and U.S. National Average Price for Jet A as of 3/15/13).

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